chai time: 5 ways you might be drinking your tea wrong

hey tribe!

often when you are feeling down or having a headache, a simple cup of tea can make things a little better. but, as simple as brewing tea might seem, generations of ancient civilizations have dedicated a lot of time into making tea the right way.

now you might ask, “how can there be a wrong way to make tea?” you might be right, you boil water and tea leaves with milk and sugar, and you have your nice cup of tea. but to elevate that tea from a regular cup of tea to an exceptional one, you might have to avoid doing certain things.

here are the five things that you should definitely avoid while brewing your next cup of tea:

do not use teabags

now, this is the first rule of making tea: do not use tea bags. many people think that using tea bags is convenient and cheaper than loose tea leaves. but the truth is that tea bags have only tiny pieces of tea that are left over after the production of loose tea leaves. good quality tea can never be found in tea bags so refrain from using them.

do not limit yourself

there is a diverse range of teas that you can explore but most of us are usually stuck with black or green tea. if you really want to enhance the experience of brewing tea, then you should experiment with lesser-known teas like oolongs or a yellow or a white tea. expand your horizons and you might find something even better than your normal black tea.

don’t drink only hot tea

you also don’t have to limit yourself to drinking your tea hot. good quality tea can be cold brewed, and they taste amazing if you do it right. so next time, take double the amount of tea leaves you use for making your regular hot tea and infuse it in cold water for an hour at room temperature. after that, place the infused water in the fridge for another few hours. finally strain the leaves and enjoy your cold brew. you can even add it with berries or sparkling water to make it even better.

don’t let your tea come in contact with air

we mostly just keep the tea leaves in the same packaging it arrives in but that is not the best way to store it. if tea leaves come in contact with air, they lose the nuanced flavour. so transfer the tea to an air-tight jar so the flavour remains for a longer period of time.

don’t boil your water too much

if you boil your water too much, then your tea will lose a lot of its flavour. while black tea is still okay with high water temperature, green, yellow and white tea will taste bitter if you heat the water beyond a certain temperature.

so, this was all we could tell you about brewing tea. hope you had a good time reading it.

until next time, stay healthy.

live aastey!