the aastey way is to be aware of our impact on the world so that we can strive to be better and sensible in the way we live and how we give back to our planet. we see our aastey tribe as the stakeholders in this journey to forge a better future which is why we believe in complete transparency to build trust and reliability.

innovating fabrics - research and development

there can be no innovation without hours of research and consumer surveys. creating the perfect stretch and feel for our aastey in-house fabrics took a lot of time while pouring over hundreds of samples and  from our manufacturers. while we can just say this and shy away from showing our catalogue of fabrics and its blend, aastey stands true to its pledge to be transparent. 

sustainability certification

aastey has become one of the youngest brands to be certified in the apparel space being only in the second year since its inception. the trusted brand chooses to solely deal with vendors who have a verifiable certificate of the Global Recycle Standard (GRS 4.0) which is an international, voluntary, and full product standard.

the brand bible

we have always believed in hours of research and customer surveys to create our collections and merge it with our ethos. here is the look and feel of our brand.

our values

size inclusive

sizes are just numbers and not a personality trait. regardless of size, everyone deserves to feel confident, loved and beautiful.


being a sustainable fashion brand is non negotiable. everything from sourcing to manufacturing to packaging is done in the most sustainable manner possible.


we strive to create an environment where people are more in touch with themselves and their surroundings. we want people to be mindful of their actions and words.

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