five tasty and healthy soups to enjoy on rainy days

while the rains bring with them a lot of craving for pakoras and chai, we cannot deny that deep-fried munchies are not really great for your health. as the seasons change, the chances of getting sick get even higher. so, even though our heart wants to munch on delicious onion pakoras, we can also opt for some very healthy soups this rainy season and the best part is you do not have to compromise on taste with these delicious soup recipes.

sweet corn soup 

serves - 4

what you need

boiled sweetcorn kernels (1 cup)
chopped garlic (1 tsp)
chopped carrots (1 tbsp)
corn starch
vinegar (1 tsp)
soya sauce (1 tsp)
pepper powder (1 tsp)

butter (1 tsp)

time to make it

step 1- melt butter in a vessel. add garlic and carrot to the melted butter and sauté them.
step 2- add salt, pepper, soya sauce, and vinegar to the vessel.
step 3- mix well and add boiled sweet corn after chopping it coarsely.
step 4- add water to the mixture and let it come to a boil.

step 5- as the soup starts to boil, add cornstarch diluted with water and stir it continuously to avoid any lumps.

finally, your piping hot sweet corn soup is ready to warm your soul and body.

egg drop soup

serves - 4

what you need

eggs (2)
chopped ginger (1 tsp)
pepper powder (1 tsp)
vegetable/chicken stock (4 cups)
corn starch

salt (if required)

time to make it

step 1- pour chicken or vegetable stock in a vessel. add pepper powder and chopped ginger to the stock and cook on medium flame.
step 2- once the stock starts boiling, drop the whole eggs in it. make sure you stir it continuously so the eggs will spread evenly.

step 3- take the cornstarch and dilute it with water. add the diluted cornstarch and salt if required to the soup.

finally, your yummy egg drop soup is ready to be served hot.

veg Manchow soup and fried noodles

serves - 4

what you need

vegetable oil (1 tsp)
chopped vegetables of your choice (1 bowl)
finely chopped ginger garlic (1 tsp)
finely chopped green chillies (1 tsp)
salt as per taste
black pepper powder (1 tsp)
corn starch (1 tsp)
water (4 cups)
tomato sauce (1 tsp)
green chilli sauce (1 tsp)
soya sauce (1 tsp)
schezwan sauce (1 tsp)

vinegar (1 tsp)

for the fried noodles

boiled noodles (1 bowl)

corn starch (3 tsp)

time to make it

step 1- coat the boiled noodles with 3 tsp cornstarch powder and deep fry them on high flame till they turn golden brown. remove the noodles and keep it aside.
step 2- take a pan or a vessel. heat oil and sauté chopped green chillies and ginger garlic.
step 3- add the chopped vegetables of your choice like carrots, French beans and onions and sauté for at least 5 minutes.
step 4- once the vegetables are properly sautéed, add pepper and salt along with all the sauces.

step 5- once the sauces are properly mixed, add water as per the consistency you want and let it cook. once the soup starts boiling, dilute cornstarch with water and pour the mixture into the boiling soup. make sure to stir it continuously to avoid any lumps. remove it from the flame as it starts turning thick.

finally, you can serve the deliciously hot veg Manchow soup after garnishing it with fried noodles.

classic tomato soup

serves - 2

what you need

medium tomatoes (3)
small onion (1)
bay leaf (1)
garlic cloves (4-5)
peppercorns (3-4)
fresh cream (1 tbsp)
butter (1 tbsp)
corn starch

time to make it

step 1- melt butter in a vessel and first add bay leaf and peppercorns to it. sauté the garlic and onion in the butter for 2-3 minutes.
step 2- once done, add the chopped tomatoes and salt as per taste. cook it on low flame till the tomatoes turn mushy.
step 3- remove the vessel from flame and let the mixture cool down.
step 4- remove the bay leaf and grind the tomato mixture. afterwards strain the paste and take only the fine thin soup.
step 5- add the soup to the vessel and cook it on medium flame. add water and pepper as per requirement.

step 6- as it starts to boil, add fresh cream to the soup and cook for 5 minutes.

now, serve hot with some fried bread for a satisfying and delicious meal.

mushroom soup

serves - 4

what you need

whole button mushrooms (5-7)
chopped onion (1)
chopped garlic (3-4 cloves)
butter (2 tsp)
refined flour (2 tbsp)
milk (1 cup)
dried thyme (1/2 tsp)
pepper (1 tsp)
fresh cream (1 tbsp)


time to make it

step 1- melt butter in a vessel and sauté onion and garlic for 2-3 minutes
step 2- add chopped mushrooms, salt, and cook on medium flame. once the mushrooms start releasing water, add refined flour and cook for 3-4 minutes. make sure to cook the mixture till the flour smell goes away.
step 3- add milk and water while stirring continuously. as it starts boiling, add pepper and dried thyme.

step 4- mix everything well and add fresh cream to it. cook it for 5 minutes.

finally, enjoy the hot soup with garlic bread.

here are all the recipes that we know and love. Which is your favourite? did we have your favourite soup recipe in this list? let us know which one you love the most to accompany you in the rainy season. Tag us on Instagram @liveaastey. 
until next time, stay warm.
live aastey.