sunset scrunchie - set of 3

sunset scrunchie  - set of 3
sunset scrunchie  - set of 3
sunset scrunchie  - set of 3
sunset scrunchie  - set of 3
sunset scrunchie  - set of 3
sunset scrunchie  - set of 3
sunset scrunchie  - set of 3

sunset scrunchie - set of 3

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● the satin silky scrunchie combo has three attractive pastel shades - pearl grey, blush pink, and honey peach - that will bring vibrance to any outfit you plan to wear. pair it with your shorts or our slow down organic cotton t-shirt for an adorable on-the-go look.

● the sunset satin scrunchie set is luxuriously soft and as light as a pleasant breeze. The silk hair scrunchies are smooth and soft on your hair and wrist. So wear the sunset scrunchie on your wrist because of its lightweight feel and stylish design.

● the silk scrunchie’s elastic band has a good quality stretch that will protect your hair and will not damage your roots. Whether you are at home chilling or out on a work day, the long lasting elastic of these silk hair ties will keep you company for long hours without hurting your hair.

● Carry it to your gym for the perfect workout or the office to change your look whenever you want. The scrunchie set for women will keep your hair in place from day to night without any damage. Not only for you, these sunset silk scrunchies are perfect for gifting your bae or bff, perfect for their everyday use or to style with outfits for special occasions.
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use and care
Our scrunchies are made with satin because your hair deserves nothing but the best.

  • Machine/ hand wash
  • Chemical-free detergent
  • Protect from direct sunlight
  • Wash in cold water
  • Line dry
  • From our customers


    enhances curves!
    its enhances my curves so well!


    absolutely divine!
    love these leggings from the bottom of my heart!


    fancy and comfy!
    really loving this jellybean tank top!


    fits like a charm!
    these sports bras are an absolute must have


    Fabulous fit!
    These leggings are extremely great for my morning run!


    our fabric

    crafted with silky smooth satin, the sunset scrunchies are as light as a feather.

    the fabric has anti-frizz and anti-breakage properties that make it long-lasting.

    good quality stretchable fabric to keep your hair in its place.

    the aastey fit

    whether cooking, playing or working out,the sunset scrunchies will keep your hair in place.

    wear the sunset scrunchie on your wrist because of its lightweight feel and stylish design.

    perfect for gifting your bae or your bff.

    our function

    our scrunchies come in three beautiful colours – pearl grey, blush pink and honey peach – that will go with any outfit you choose.

    pair your shorts and oversized t-look with our sunset scrunchie for the most adorable look.

    get your hair up in the sunset scrunchie and change into your pyjamas with a glass of wine for the perfect weekend vibe.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Worth to buy!

    Great Product!

    it's a must have!

    I love wearing it on my wrist also.. gives a chic vibe

    love love love love it!

    These scrunchies are every girl's best friend!

    love the fabric!

    It feels so soft.. my hair looks amazing in it!

    awesome scrunchies!

    Totally loving it and recommending it to my friends and family


    what is the purpose of a scrunchie?
    it can simply take a bad hair day and turn it into a good hair day. it helps control breakage and is far softer on your hair than a regular hair tie.
    can you get scrunchies wet?
    yes, of course! hair scrunchies can get wet and should be washed. however, how you do it depends on the fabric as well.
    can you wear scrunchies to bed?
    yes. you should wear scrunchies to bed, as they're kind to your hair and keep it free from frizz and breakage.
    how often should I wash my scrunchies?
    according to hair experts and doctors, washing scrunchies frequently is necessary to avoid the accumulation of oil and dirt. using styling tools for hair? do you stay outdoors a lot? do you sweat a lot? if you answered yes to any of these, then you should definitely wash your scrunchies regularly.