how to choose just the right sports bra for you?

a supportive and breathable sports bra can significantly improve your workout. finding the perfect fit in a sports bra style that works for your training requires knowledge of how to choose a sports bra as there are many sizes of sports bras. 

bra sizes are made up of two components: an even number that represents the band size (32, 34, 36, etc.); and a letter that indicates the cup size (A, B, C, etc.), determined by the size of the breast itself. a sports bra size chart differs from each store because of which many women have this question that is sports bra size same as normal bra, for example, a C cup could easily be a D at some other stores. therefore, there has always been an inconsistent sports bra size and the question of what sports bra size actually fits. this frequently leads to women purchasing the incorrect size and not knowing how to measure their sports bra size.

so brings us to the main question of how to choose a sports bra. 

choosing a sports bra shouldn’t be difficult. with a quick few steps, you could easily find out your measurements.

how do i know the size of a sports bra?

almost 80% of women get their bra size wrong, which causes a lot of problems for them, mainly health issues such as back pain, rib pain, breast pain, etc., and this is something severely serious. therefore, choosing the right bra size should always be a priority. for issues such as different brands having their own individual sizing charts and different types of bras for women which it causes confusion in the market, so to put an end to all the mishaps, finding out your own sports bra size should be the ultimate step.

 here are a few steps on how one can measure their sports bra size-

step 1: examine your overbust

use a measuring tape to measure completely around the bust at its fullest point. hold the tape tight against the back but not too tight in the front.

step 2: check your underbust

measure the circumference of the rib cage beneath the bust using a soft tape. with no space between it and your body, the tape should be tightly held from edge to edge.

step 3: consult the size chart

check out the aastey's sizing chart to find your ideal fit! 

how tight should my sports bra be?

sports bras are supposed to provide comfort and protection. If they fail to do so, it’s most probably a fabric or size issue. In most cases, size issues are more consistent since many women fail to have any knowledge about their daily use bra size or maintain the same bra size for long periods of time. therefore, therefore, if a sports bra seems to be too tight and uncomfortable, you will have to check out a new size.

this brings us to the important part, which is the importance of choosing the right sports bra and no sag bra and also how to measure the perfect sports bra size.

You can determine if your sports bra is tight on the basis if

    1. there is severe pain in your breasts, chest, shoulders, or rib cage.

    2. the presence of intense bra strap marks on your shoulders or underbust.

    3. if you can't go on with activities, if the pain is too intense, you will find it difficult to do any kind of sports activity. This could be an indication of a tight sports bra.

    should sports bra leave marks

    If the straps on your sports bra are too thin or too tight, they may push in when you exercise and cause painful chafe marks that last for days, it can also leave red marks for days after intense workout. 

    features of a sports bra 

    A sports bra should list all the important features such as the impact levels, cup sizes, and straps. here are all the feature of a sports bra 

    different impact levels of a sports bra and activities related 

    great support and protection are ensured by an excellent sports bra which is one of the major advantages of sports bra today's sports bras are performance-focused and created specifically for low, medium, and high levels of support depending on the intensity of the workout.

    • high impact- these aim at higher levels of physical activity such as running, aerobics and dancing.

    • medium impact- this category supports moderate degrees of physical activity like hiking, cycling etc.

    • low impact- low impact sports bras are meant for less intense physical activities involving slow movements like yoga, pilates and stretching.

    different types of sports bra

    compression sports bra

    in order to limit movement, these bras often draw over your head and force the breasts up against the chest wall. they are not designed with cups already included. compression sports bras without adjustable straps or bands can be used for low- to medium-impact activities if they fit A-B size cups.

    encapsulation sports bra

    these are inbuilt cups with a particular design for high intensity workouts. usually, the cups have some padding, either light or heavy. they may also have underwires.

    cross back

    at the rear, the straps cross one another. they offer a more solid foundation. when paired with deep back tanks, these look fantastic. they are stylish and have a terrific appearance.

    cup sizes

    a sports bra comes in all sizes and finding the right size should be an important task as it fully determines on the right size for a perfect fit. here is the size chart of aastey’s sports bra

    women who enjoy working out or participating in sports are aware of the importance of having the proper equipment. a nice bra is one of the most crucial essentials for ladies when it comes to workout clothes. your comfort and exercise performance can greatly benefit from a quality sports bra. choosing the right sport is extremely essential for every woman as it directly affects your health. make the right choice by choosing the right size, fabric, and bra type and keep looking after your brilliant health and self.

    in conclusion, finding your sports bra size is an important and easy task. when you have the right size by measuring your sports bra size, you can easily continue with your sporting activities without any discomfort or trouble, which could provide you with the best workout session you have experienced.