extreme uplift leggings

experience extreme comfort like never before in our extreme uplift leggings with four pockets and two ankle-length variations- available in 5 brand-new colours

tic tac cycling shorts

the cutest high-waist shorts for all-day movement with four pockets and four-way stretch- in 5 gorgeous colours

uplift leggings

the most stylish black leggings with a side pocket for a perfect lazy day and workout session

gender fluid jacket

the unisex jacket is designed with fashion and comfort in mind, the jacket enables a very easy day to night transition.

live Bold Joggers

the comfiest joggers for seamless comfort and killer style with two pockets

bunny hop sports bra

there cannot be a better fit for you than a gorgeous cross back, good support and multifunctional design - in 5 jaw-dropping shades.

live t

feel fresh with our beloved live aastey t in classic white and the lovely lilac. whether it be spring or summer, our live tee will be a refreshing addition to your wardrobe.

brave black t - loose fit

there’s none better than ours. it makes you feel brave and bold, while also looking incredibly chic.
what's even better is that it is gender fluid. so twin it with your bae or bff without a second thought.