sports bra vs normal bra - everything you need to know

hey tribe, It's been a while! just out of curiosity, how does your work week look like? does it involve a lot of moving? does a normal bra leave with strap marks clawing into your skin? then let's talk about why we think sports bras are better and what is the difference between a normal bra and a sports bra. let's go!

a bra is a crucial accessory that helps to shape the body of every woman. but there are two different bras for different purposes, a sports bra and a regular bra. many women often struggle to know the basic difference between a sports bra and a normal bra because of which women struggle while choosing best sports bra for daily use so here’s everything you can learn everything there is to know about sports bras vs. regular bras.

what is a sports bra?

a sports bra is used for extra support and breast lifting bra also for protection during recreational activities and sports, whereas any normal bra is used for the usual purposes of supporting the breasts and giving them a better lift and shape. 

what is the difference between a sports bra and a regular bra 

a sports bra provides support to the breasts during physical exercise. sturdier than regular bras, they minimise breast movement and alleviate discomfort these are few benefits of sports bra , many women wear sports bras to reduce pain and physical discomfort caused by breast movement during exercise whereas a normal bra is constructed of a unique material that gives shape to the body and maintains the size of the breasts.

here are the major differences between a sports bra and a regular bra:

worn on various occasions

the most important difference between these types of bra is that a sports bra is worn for recreational activities and sports. wearing a sports bra during physical activities such as exercise, yoga, etc. is more comfortable for the individual since it provides comfort and flexibility. on the other hand, you could wear your normal bra on any occasion.

comfort or not?

many prefer normal bras as they assume that sports bras would make their breasts saggy or wouldn’t be worn in many outfits. but this is definitely an assumption that is purely mental. Because sports bras are definitely a perfect fit and they are comfortable. sports bras help in avoiding workout discomfort. 

on an expensive scale?

both sports bras and normal bras normally come at an average rate. they aren’t really expensive, and they can come in good quality as well.

workout buddy

sports bras are definitely comparatively better for sports activity than normal gives better support and lift for the breasts and is incredibly comfortable while working out or doing yoga, and is a must-have for extensive workout sessions.

superior or simple fabrics 

in a normal bra, the moisture soaks into the fabric and might build up and cause pain. while sweat evaporates fast from sports bras made of moisture-wicking fabric, it prevents you from being overheated and perspiring.

advantages and disadvantages of a sports bra 

with beauty comes its own flaws, here are the advantages and disadvantages of a sports bra-



1.sports bras help in avoiding workout discomfort.

1.can’t be worn the whole day

2.sweat-controlling fabrics

2. sometimes fabrics or pads are too tight

3.improves sporting performance 

3. many sports bras are too tight, and this has been known to weaken back muscles, cause shoulder pain, and wreak havoc on your posture

4.reduces breast pain and damage

5.many who suffer from cosmetic or back injury could always lean towards sports bras

why are regular sports bras so uncomfortable?

many brands produce sports bras that do not have premium quality or better sizes of sports bra because of which often the straps are too tight or itchy, bra pads are loose, etc.; therefore, they affect the women's body drastically as they may cause rashes or intense back pain due to the improper design of a sports bra. On the other hand, few brands provide supreme quality and design. for example, aastey’s sports bras are medium-impact sports bras designed to give maximum comfort and high support for every movement. these lightly padded sports bras for women are made with advanced technology to prevent them from getting drenched in high-quality sweat absorption.

benefits of wearing a sports bra every day

if necessary, a sports bra could be worn every day or every time. sports bras    don’t have an underwire, so it’s a step closer to providing a comfortable bra, but  it’s not all roses and lilies, since they come  with a few thorns.


pros of wearing sports bras

 they are comfy and supportive, which   increases physical activities such as   cycling, biking, yoga, gym, etc. sports bras,   which come in three impact levels—low,   medium, and high—are made particularly   to prevent jiggling. In actuality, the   crowded sensation provides more comfort.

cons of wearing a sports bra

 the problems that start for a sports bra   when wearing it for a longer period of time   are that it can be too tight to wear it the   whole day as many sports bras are overly   tight, which is an issue because it can   weaken your back muscles, inflame your   shoulders, and ruin your posture.


is a sports bra size different from normal ones?

even though sports bras may fit a little tighter than regular bras, your size is probably the same. when purchasing a sports bra for girls , do not size down. each time you buy a new sports bra, determine your bra size. throughout your lifetime, your bra size will fluctuate multiple times. sports bras do function almost the same as a regular bra but there is one main difference being that sports bras have different levels of impact.

sports bras have three levels of impact-  low, medium, and high

impacts (meaning)


low- they are suitable for any action that produces little bounce.

suitable for A cups 



medium- in order to provide the additional support needed, these bras frequently have a little more shape and structure.



high-  provides higher support for higher level activities, a fully structured sports bra.

suitable for D cups or bigger




sports bras and normal bras are worn on different occasions, one can’t be compared to another on the basis of it’s activity. however, in terms of the size and fabric, each bra is different and completely based on the basis of each brand 

in conclusion, the most important question that needs to be answered is whether a sports bra or a regular bra is better. therefore, there is no definite answer, but sports bras do come with extensive benefits, and if one’s opting for a sturdier and more impactful bra. aastey has a wide and trendy collection of sports bras that would be a perfect choice.

there we go folks! that's all we had for today but if your curious minds still have questions, go forth and browse through our faq section below. live aastey


q- can you sleep with a sports bra?

a- most experts feel that sleeping with a sports bra is comfortable, unless it’s too tight or uncomfortable.

q- who should wear a sports bra?

a- every woman can wear a sports bra, from someone who engages in physical activities to women who are recovering from cosmetic and back injury.

q- how long can you wear a sports bra?

a- a sports bra should be replaced after six months to one year.

q. how tight should a sports bra be?

a- a sports bra shouldn’t be extremely tight, to find out your fit you should be able to fit two fingers between your body and the band but not more.