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people often confuse body positivity with encouraging obesity. what people fail to realise is body positivity is a change in mindset as much as it is a change in lifestyle. it is about becoming more mindful about the way we perceive ourselves and our bodies. being positive both mentally and physically is incredibly important especially in today’s day and age of media overconsumption. through aastey eats, we want to give you the recipes you need to eat healthy and to eat happy. aastey eats is our reminder to you, to let loose, to stop putting so much pressure on yourself. craving that brownie? eat it. make it vegan if that makes you feel better, but always listen to your mind and your body, because you know you best. we figured while you’re whipping up some deliciousness for your soul, why not also concocte something to make that skin glow.

please note: we do not own any of these recipes. aastey eats is a space for recipes from all over the world that we carefully curate to satisfy all your needs and cravings. the instagram handles of the rightful owners are tagged in every recipe.

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