deep dive into our philosophy of #liveaastey

take a break. feel alive. live aastey.

ever feel like you’re in a constant loop of doing something but gaining nothing?

we feel that way too, and we want to bring back a sense of belonging and meaningfulness in our everyday life.

#liveaastey is all about living in the moment and being grateful for the little things in life that are often overlooked. it's about moving to your heart’s content without putting unrealistic expectations on yourself. so if you want to get up and go for a run, give it your all in the moment but also know when your body needs rest and your mind needs peace. pick up where you left off without judging yourself. we want to build a tribe on values of sustainability, and be caring towards oneself and the environment.

a pledge to be sustainable

we want to build a tribe on values of sustainability, and reduce our carbon footprint. as a brand, we have achieved 60% sustainability and will keep moving forward to reach our goal of 100%.

from our tribe


great fit, better than expected!
i have a problem with sports bras where, fit becomes a problem but for the first time, i have actually found a sports bra that is cute enough for me to wear it every single day and plus, it fits! waiting for you guys to come up with more colours!


awesome fit
perfect fit with perfect fabric and perfect style:) in love with this sport bra as it's unlike others.


doesn't slip down and i love it!
for the first time, the leggings don't really slip down and stay put. i have been looking for such leggings for so long, either they were ill-fitted for more pear body or the material wasn't good enough. this is great though


best jacket i ever owned in all honesty
i have been looking for a good jacket to wear during my runs and in the gym for a really long time. most of the stuff i find usually doesn't fit me properly and i would have to settle for bad fits. but now that i have this one it has been amazing! the fit is great! it's really refreshing to find something like this


i love ittttt.
me and my friend got matching hoodies for a pizza party and we are litterally standing out!!! its perfect.


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