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aastey playground

a space for our tribe to explore different offline experiences and experience the true meaning of live aastey

ride studio is one of mumbai’s first and only rhythm based indoor cycling studios, where they focus on not only physical fitness but also mental well-being. It’s either ride or die tribe so get ready for an experience like never before with an exclusive live aastey pass

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our values

size inclusive

sizes are just numbers and not a personality trait. regardless of size, everyone deserves to feel confident, loved and beautiful.


being a sustainable fashion brand is non negotiable. everything from sourcing to manufacturing to packaging is done in the most sustainable manner possible.


we strive to create an environment where people are more in touch with themselves and their surroundings. we want people to be mindful of their actions and words.

meet our ambassadors

aastey has always believed in building a tribe that resonates with our core values and sensibilities. our ambassadors are the building blocks of our ever-growing tribe. from brilliant artists to powerful changemakers, our ambassadors are the face of the tribe that we cherish and love with all our heart. discover who they are and how they inspire us to be our best selves and live aastey at the same time. they give us critical feedback to improve the design and functionality of our products.

vrinda sharma rosenberg

yogini ambassador

“when i started working as a lawyer, i was not working very mindfully, exhausted beyond a point of repair. during lockdown, it got out of hand. so i decided to take some time out for myself and started practising yoga every morning. I took a sabbatical, travelled for 3 months and took the time to reflect. i was living in the moment and i also spent a lot of time deciding what brings me joy. so i decided to do a month-long training course…and since the time i set foot in the yoga institute, i decided this is how i want to live.” - vrinda sharma rosenberg, yoga instructor and lawyer

vrinda sharma is an inspiring yoga teacher as well as a legal consultant. after struggling for years, she said goodbye to her successful legal career and decided to become a full time yoga instructor. her courage to do what she feels without letting the pressures of the external world and unrealistic expectations bother her is a true reflection of the philosophy of live aastey. joining us as the official yogini ambassador, vrinda wil be a true inspiration for our tribe as we feel it is a match made in heaven.

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