can you have a sustainable relationship with food?

Hey tribe!

we always talk about sustainability and how to make our lives more sustainable on our blogs. whether it is brushing your teeth or having your food, every aspect of our life can be reinvented to be a little more sustainable and conscious in our journey of living responsibly.

food is an essential part of our personalities and identities. what we like to eat and don’t like to eat can tell us a lot about who we are. but our relationship with food might not be very sustainable and healthy. it is not only because of a lack of will or effort but also because our efforts are mostly sabotaged by a food environment which makes it harder for us to make the right choices.

here are a few ways that you can create a healthier and more sustainable relationship with your food:

Check the ingredients on your packaged food

there are a lot of things written on the back of any packaged food you buy from the market. go through them and see what you are putting inside your body daily. a lot of packaged food has artificial flavours, harmful preservatives, sugar and cheap oils which are very harmful to our body.

when you start researching these ingredients, you will want to reduce the amount of junk that you eat.

local and homegrown is the path to sustainable

once you want to reduce packaged food, you would want to find local, seasonal and fresh foods. most of us are too caught up in the idea of superfoods, like avocado. but we also don’t know that increased demand of avocados has created an unsustainable supply chain including overextraction of water, destruction of forests and so on. we already have apples, mangoes, oranges and bananas, so why go after avocados and blueberries.

so, yes you can have a more sustainable relationship with your food, whether you are vegan or not. you can make adjustments so that you can treat your body right.

until next time, live sustainable. live aastey.