what to wear and bring to the gym: a definitive guide for women

if you are among those fitness lovers who hit the gym regularly, you know the importance of packing your gym bag with the essentials and wearing the right clothes. it is not just about what to wear to the gym but also what to carry. there are some must-have things that you will find in most of the gym goers’ bags. not only that, but they also keep in mind what clothes to wear to make their exercise routine easier and more comfortable.
if you have just started working out, it must be difficult for you to figure all this out. don't worry! this guide will help you to decide what kind of clothes you must wear to the gym and the things you must carry. everything mentioned here has its own advantage and will make your workout routine a lot better. 

what to wear at the gym?

irrespective of your gym dressing style, there are certain timeless and must-have gym workout clothes that deserve your investment. without these apparels, you will always wonder what to wear at the gym without getting the right answers in your wardrobe.

sports bra

the foremost thing to consider while deciding what to wear to the gym female undoubtedly is the sports bra. always make sure to buy the perfect fit or else it would do you more harm than good.

sports bra

  • your bra must fit you well, provide ample support, and offer coverage while keeping you comfortable for long hours.

  • while picking a sports bra for your gym attire, make sure it is supportive and holds your breasts in place while you exercise. the right bra will ensure minimal movement on the bust region.

  • always keep in mind the fabric of the bra while you are buying it for your gym costume. it needs to wick moisture faster without irritating your skin.

a sports bra can make or break your gym dressing style. hence, you need to pick something that not only offers a lot of advantages but also makes your body appear shapely and fit.

tank tops

when deciding your outfit for the gym, always go for something which is breathable. athletic tank tops are the best top wear if you are looking for simple gym outfits for ladies.

tank top

  • tank tops are very comfortable, give full coverage and allow freedom of movement too.

  • go for tank tops made of polyester, cotton, spandex, and other such materials which keep the sweat away with their moisture-wicking properties.

  • they also let you as well as your skin breathe comfortably.

if you want to look great while working out and wondering how to dress for gym, tank tops are the way to go. they look super cool, fit well, and come with a plethora of benefits as mentioned above.

comfortable bottoms

depending on your preference, buy a well-fitted pair of shorts or leggings to amp up your gym dressing style. at aastey you can find a lot of different designs and styles in athleisure wear these days. so, you don’t need to compromise on fashion while picking what serves the purpose.

cycling shorts

  • always go for bottom wear which is flexible. gym shorts and leggings are among the favourites when people decide on the gym dress code for ladies. 

  • make sure your leggings or shorts are neither too tight nor too loose. they must offer you maximum flexibility and ease of movement. they should be stretchable, especially around the waist region.

  • if you do not feel confident in shorts because of how it exposes your skin, leggings are the safest and the best way to go when choosing what to wear at the gym.

gym essentials for women

there are certain things that you just cannot do without if you frequent the gym often. these things ensure you remain clean and comfortable while lifting those heavy weights and sweating out. here are some must-carry fitness essentials that you need to put in your gym bag right now:


you should never enter a gym without wearing your trusted socks. they will help you in more ways than one especially when you are shedding all the extra weight. 


  • socks will help in keeping your feet stable and comfortable when you are on the treadmill or doing cardio exercises.

  • they are among the most important workout essentials for gym as they wick all your sweat away, making you feel dry at the end of the workout.

  • they also make sure that your feet do not come in direct contact with the shoe and hence, keeping it away from sweat. this ensures the insides of your shoes remain germ-free to a large extent.

socks should always be on your gym accessories list as they play a huge role in giving you a comfortable gymming experience. make sure you pick breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics while shopping for socks.

yoga mat

it is always a good idea to carry your own yoga mat to the gym. this way, you wouldn’t have to wait for your turn when all the gym yoga mats are occupied.
yoga mat


  • yoga mats do wonders in practising different yoga postures and also for meditation.
  • anti-skid, shock-absorbing yoga mats eliminate the chances of slips, sprains and injuries when you are working out.
  • they also make sure you go gentle on your feet as your feet do not come in direct contact with the hard, cold floor while working out.

moreover, it also ensures hygiene as you will use your personal yoga mat. you should always invest in a good, sustainable yoga mat and it will quickly become one of your top essentials for gym.

water bottle

it is a no-brainer that you must always have a water bottle as that is one of the most needed and best gym accessories. 

water bottle

  • a water bottle will not only keep you hydrated in between your exercises but also help you in feeling fresh if you use it for a quick splash of water on your face.

  • make sure to buy bottles made of sustainable and good quality materials like stainless steel.

  • look for properties such as lightweight, anti-leak system, ergonomic grip, safe-to-use materials, etc. while buying a water bottle.

you can also carry more than one water bottle to store different drinks for your gym days. from glucose drinks and lemonade to protein shakes and smoothies, you can use the bottles for a lot of purposes.


it might sound a little weird to you how scrunchies are among the needed accessories for working out but trust it, they are! 


  • people with long hair struggle a lot to keep their hair away from their faces during workouts. scrunchies work a lot better than the generic headbands and hair ties in holding your hair in place neatly.

  • using satin scrunchies will ensure that your hair breaks less and even when it is drenched in sweat, it doesn’t become weak from the roots.

  • scrunchies look super cute to many and are trending these days. so, while you are sweating it out in the gym, why not look adorable at the same time?

the next time you are packing your gym bag or making a gym accessories list, do not forget to throw in a few satin scrunchies to make your experience a lot more comfortable and stylish!

personal care and hygiene items

hygiene is of utmost importance, irrespective of where you are headed to. it becomes all the more crucial when you go to the gym often. after an intense workout, you need a lot more than just freshening up.

maintaining hygiene will help you avoid ringworms, athlete’s feet, and other locker room infections. here is a list of personal care and hygiene items that should be your workout essentials:

anti fungal formula

  • antifungal ointment or spray: it will get rid of any bacteria built up on your body.

  • bath towel: it will ensure your body is dry and clean after a heavy workout.

  • deodorant: apart from making you feel refreshed, a good deodorant will also ensure to keep body odour at bay even when you are drenched in sweat.

  • bath products: don’t forget to carry your soap/shower gel, shampoo, and face wash to enjoy a relaxing bath after your workout sessions.

  • moisturiser: after a thorough cleansing of your face and body, you must restore all the hydration by using a moisturizer that works for you.

apart from all the essentials and apparel, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while deciding what to carry or what to wear at the gym. your accessories should suit your skin and offer you optimum comfort. do not take the fabric of your gym clothes for granted. make sure the material is specifically designed for wicking away sweat, is stretchable and looks fashionable.

maintaining a smart, comfortable and efficient gym dress code for ladies is a walk in the park if you have your basics in place. just figure out your style, what you are looking for, and things you will need before, during and after a workout session. that is all you need to know to decide what to wear at the gym or what are the gym essentials for women.


  1. what is the best material of gym clothes? 

    polyester is one of the best and most preferred choices of fabric when it comes to gym clothes. its moisture-wicking properties, durability and wrinkle-resistance make it an ideal material for gym wear. it draws water away from your skin due to optimal evaporation.

  2. what should you not wear to the gym?

    you must avoid wearing cotton clothes to the gym. cotton takes a lot of time to dry and absorbs moisture. that excess moisture will weigh you down, and cause chills as well as skin breakouts and chafing.

  3. does outfit matter at the gym?

    what you wear to the gym matters a lot. the right kind of gym attire will prevent injuries, ensure that your body movements don’t get restricted, control and regulate body temperature, improve performance, affect your skin, boost confidence, and motivate you.

  4. is it better to wear leggings or shorts to the gym?

    leggings are a better option than shorts when deciding what to wear at the gym. they provide better insulation to the legs, keep the muscles warm, offer more coverage, and retain body heat too. go for lightweight, well-fitting, comfortable leggings that give good levels of compression.