tank tops are making all the headlines in the realm of fashion these days. the different types of tank tops come in a plethora of styles, prints and silhouettes. it is this variety that makes them all the more versatile and accessible. be it a casual party or a quick workout session at the gym, you can wear them whenever and wherever you want to. 

if you are wondering what are tank tops, how to style them, which ones to buy, and so on; worry not! we have got you covered. here is everything that you need to know about the different types of tank tops and how you can style them in cool ways. 

what are tank tops?

a tank top is a sleeveless piece of top wear that comes in different lengths and types. it is extremely versatile in nature and you can wear it as outerwear, sportswear and even innerwear. usually, these types of tops are made of soft fabrics and have no buttons, sleeves or collars.

13 different types of tank tops

  1. 1. racerback tank tops

stylish, practical and supremely comfortable, racerback tank tops are every fitness freak’s favourite! because of their style and purpose, they are also called sporty tank tops.

  • aastey’s racerback tank tops are not only comfortable and sustainable but also very unique in appearance. the fabric is very breathable and its softness feels luxurious on the skin.
  • the racerback tank tops do not have the standard straps. the two straps meet at the back of your top. 
  • this type of tank top exposes the shoulder blades as the fabric of the straps lies at an angle in the mid-upper part of the back. 
  • due to their style, these tops make arm movements during workouts very easy and comfortable.

how to style racerback tank tops?

  • racerback tank tops and shorts make an awesome combination. depending on the event/place you are headed to, dress it up or dress it down accordingly.
  • you can even style them with high-waist pants. make sure to wear blingy jewellery or carry a sequined bag to look all fancy and stylish.
  • when headed to the gym, wear your racerback tank top with joggers, stretchy pants or gym boxers.
  1. 2. athletic tank tops

if you are looking for a tight tank top, go for the athletic tank tops. they offer a plethora of benefits and you will love them especially if you are into sports and/or fitness.

athletic tank top

  • they will fit you well as they generally have a built-in bra in them. 
  • these sporty tank tops are great for people who participate in different sports like tennis and badminton. you can also wear them while exercising, running and/or cycling. 
  • the built-in bra gives support during workouts by preventing your breasts from bouncing and causing discomfort. the fabric of these tank tops is such that you can easily stretch or loosen it.

how to style athletic tank tops?

  • pair them with your sweatpants, track pants or shorts to get the ideal workout outfit for you.
  • wear your sports shoes with your athletic tank top and bottoms if you are headed for a workout.
  • throw on a windcheater over your athletic sporty tank top if you are outdoors. it will make for very comfortable and casual wear for running errands.
  1. 3. backless tank tops

backless tank tops are all the rage these days. fashionistas have started hoarding these stylish types of tops for all the right reasons. irrespective of your body type, backless tank tops are going to look sexy on your; when styled the right way.

backless tank top

  • usually, backless tank tops comprise just a short fabric strip that runs down the back of your top. 
  • some backless tank tops also have a strip of lace at the backside, to give off that chic vibe. 
  • these tops look very dressy and you can wear them to parties, weddings, and other fancy events.

how to style backless tank tops?

  • to create your quick party outfit, wear your backless types of sleeveless tops with a long skirt.
  •  you can use a statement bag or chunky earrings to dress up your tank top even more.
  • for a classy appeal, wear your backless tank top with jeans and boots or high heels.
  1. 4. basic tank tops

these tank tops are a wardrobe must-have as you can easily pair them up with anything. every woman should have a minimum of 3-4 basic tank tops for all those days when you have “nothing to wear”.

basic tank top

  • they come with simple sleeveless straps and are usually in a solid colour such as white, grey, and black.
  • these short tank tops will always save you in those days when you struggle to decide what to wear. 
  • in summer, you can wear them on their own and in winter, they make for a good layering option.

how to style basic tank tops?

  • the most popular way of styling a basic tank top is by wearing it with skinny jeans. 
  • a wristwatch, dainty gold jewellery, and boat shoes will complete the entire ensemble.
  •  on some days, you can even throw in a denim jacket while wearing your basic tank tops and shorts. in winter, wear them under your blazer.
  1. 5. cut out tank tops

these tank tops are wonderful for people who don’t like racerbacks but want to wear tank tops to the gym. generally, cut-out tank tops cannot be worn just on their own. you are likely to need something to wear underneath them.

cutout tank top

  • a cut-out tank top is the one which comes with an extremely loose cut. 
  • it also has a cut-out on the backside or on the side parts. 
  • wearing a bra or spaghetti top under the cut-out tank top is a good option.

how to style cut out tank tops?

  • wear it over your sports bra, pair it up with leggings and your gym outfit is ready in minutes!
  • a smart pair of sports shoes will look great with such tank tops. 
  • to get an adorable casual wear outfit, tuck your loose cut-out tank into your jeans or trousers and you are sorted.
  1. 6. custom tank tops

if you want to look fashionable without compromising on comfort, custom tank tops are for you. you can pick your own designs, graphics, and patterns to create a tank top of your desire.

custom tank top

  • they come with a myriad of interesting features such as sequins, fur, rhinestones, and zippers. 
  • although they look very fancy, you can wear them to casual occasions too. the best part is you can get them made as per your requirements.
  • such tank top styles offer a lot of fun while styling them. they are noticeable and very eye-catching.

how to style custom tank tops?

  • you can jazz up your basic bottom wear by teaming them up with your designer tank tops to slay your party look instantly.
  • go for tight leather pants or culottes, depending on the graphics/designs on your tank top and its fit.
  • you can accessorize it further by wearing long gold chains, chunky finger rings, and bracelets stacked on your wrists.
  1. 7. double layer tank top

usually, these double-layer tank tops look very fashionable and elegant as they flatter all body types. these are slowly becoming popular and you can see a lot of fashion-conscious women wearing them on different occasions.

double layer tank top

  • these tops are made of silk or cotton with multiple layers.
  • even that little extra fluff doesn’t make you look overweight.
  •  if you want your double-layer tank top styles to look dressy, go for soft materials like chiffon.  

how to style double layer tank tops?

  • these tops look the best when paired with denim shorts.
  • a huge bag and strappy slippers will be great companions when you are wearing a double-layer tank top.
  • make sure to keep your bottom wear very basic so that the top can make a style statement of its own.
  1. 8. muscle tank tops

muscle tank tops are attractive and convenient at the same time. so, you can easily make a fashion statement with them without compromising on your level of comfort.

muscle tank top

  • muscle tank tops are those different types of tops that look like tees which have no sleeves. 
  • often, they are available with band names, logos, and intriguing designs. 
  • they are famous among women and men alike because of how cool they look. usually, men wear them for flaunting their muscles but these tops look just as good on women too.

how to style muscle tank tops?

  • wear your muscle tank tops with stretched pants, or long shorts if you are headed to the gym.
  • for a casual, everyday look, style them with jeans or denim shorts.
  • to add that extra impact on the overall attire, pick a leather bracelet to match the vibe of your muscle tank top.
  1. 9. halter tank tops

halter tank tops do not go till the shoulders and their straps meet around your neck. apart from being wonderful top options, they can also double up as blouses for your sarees to give your traditional avatar a modern touch.

haulter tank top

  • these types of tops can be low cut or high cut and you can pick what suits your requirements.
  • these short tank tops are usually cut off right below or just above the waistline.
  •  you can wear a halter tank top to parties and also to casual events.

how to style muscle tank tops?

  • usually, women love wearing their halter tank tops with jeans. you can wear them with mini skirts or shorts too; if you are up for clubbing or evening events.
  • for fancy parties, style your halter tank top with a long skirt to embrace the girl boss in you.
  • in winter, wear your top under your leather jacket to create a glamorous outfit.
  1. 10. printed tank tops

printed tank tops make dressing up super easy as you have a plethora of options to choose from. you can think of any design in your mind and are likely to find it on printed tank top styles.

printed tank top

  • from florals and polka dots to shapes and stripes, you can find printed tank tops in countless patterns.
  • these different types of tops also come in different materials and designs. 
  • both women and men can slay in printed tank tops. it all depends on how you style them and the way you pull them off.

how to style printed tank tops?

  • plain pants or jeans go very well with these tank tops as they let the prints stand out.
  • create the perfect look with watches, sunglasses and moccasins to completely nail the printed tank top trend.
  • for a chic look, make a knot at the hem of the tank top and your cute twist will make heads turn for sure.
  1. 11. sheer tank tops

mesh or sheer tank tops are made for flaunting your physique or figure. they make for amazing party wear options, especially in the warmer months. you can wear tube tops or spaghetti tops under them for more coverage.

sheer tank tops

  • they are available in a lot of colours but black ones are the most popular.
  • earlier, only women used to go crazy behind sheer tank tops. now, even men sport them beautifully and it has got a cult following of its own.
  • these are among those types of tank tops that have been in the fashion scene for decades. they are not going to go out of style anytime soon.

how to style sheer tank tops?

  • wear your sheer or mesh tank tops with skirts, shorts, or skinny jeans. however, always keep in mind the right occasion and place to flaunt these.
  • if you want to wear them at formal events or parties, make sure to pair it with a smart shrug or blazer.
  • irrespective of what you wear underneath, mesh tank tops look very well with black stilettos. so, take out your sexy heels if you want to look like a diva in these tops.
  1. 12. spaghetti strap tank top

one of the most fashionable and comfortable tank top types is the one with spaghetti straps. you will find a lot of people wearing them, especially during summer as these tops offer style and comfort- all at the same time. 

spaghetti tank tops

  • some of them also come with built-in bras that make them more convenient.
  • you can wear them underneath mesh tops or just on their own too.
  • this style of tank top comes in a lot of different colour and print options.

how to style spaghetti tank tops?

  • you can wear this tank top with a jacket or a button-down shirt.
  •  you can even make them dressy by styling them with a fancy blouse for formal atmospheres. 
  • accessorize your spaghetti tank tops with a smartwatch, dainty bracelet, or a necklace.
  1. 13.thick strap tank tops

thick strap tank tops are everyone’s go-to wardrobe staple as they come in different designs, styles, colours, and can be worn in a lot of different ways. it is also great for people who are conscious about their bodies and want some coverage on the shoulders.

thick strap tank tops

  • tank tops that come with thick straps usually give full coverage to the upper chest and shoulder regions.
  •  they come in different neck types such as scoop-neck, v-neck, and so on.
  • they can be either loose or tight as per your preference and are very comfortable to wear.

how to style thick strap tank tops?

  • style your thick strap tank tops with maxi skirts or types of denim.
  • if you want to look different, go for a matching scarf to style it gracefully.
  • basic heels, moccasins, or even running shoes will do wonders for your overall look.

now that you know all about tank tops, the ways of styling them, and the huge variety that they come in, it’s time to put your money into them. take your fashion game to the next level by investing in the right kind of tank tops and giving your wardrobe a much-needed makeover!


  1. 1. what is a female tank top called?
  • female tank tops are often called sleeveless tops, a-shirt and camisoles. however, camisoles and tank tops are not the same.
  1. 2. what are thin tank tops called?

  • thin tank tops have thin straps and are, therefore, known as spaghetti tank tops.

  1. 3. what are tight tops called?

  • tight tops are usually called tank tops and they have a body-hugging, tight fit.

  1. 4. how to wear a tank top beautifully?

  • go for timeless colours like black, brown, and beige; if you want a chic look. for printed tank tops, go for basic bottom wear to balance it all out. you can accessorize them as per the occasion and your preference.
  1. 5. why are tank tops so hot every summer?

  • tank tops are versatile, easy to style, and very practical. hence, they are always trending, especially during the summer months.

  1. 6. how do you wear a bra with a tank top?
  • you can go for strapless bras and/or nipple pasties while wearing tank tops. you can even invest in tank tops that come with built-in bras that support your breasts.
  1. 7. how many tank tops should a woman have?

  • the number of tank tops a woman must own depends on her fashion requirements and the frequency of dressing up. one must own 3-4 tank tops of different colours, styles and designs at least.

  1. 8. are tank tops unprofessional?


    when styled the right way, tank tops make for a great outfit option, even in professional setups. blazers, smart shoes and boots, and watches can help to amp up your look and make it more professional when you are wearing a tank top.