5 best bras for heavy or sagging breasts

bra shopping is not just tedious but also a very uncomfortable process, especially for women with heavy breasts. finding a bra for sagging breasts that fit you well and also feel comfortable is a match made in heaven for sure.

while many manufacturers produce bras with small band sizes and tiny cups, there are brands that understand the ordeal of heavy-breasted ladies. they not just experiment with the designs but are also very inclusive with their sizes and fits. thanks to them, our busty babes don’t have to spend a penny on drab or ill-fitting pieces anymore. 

before investing in a no sag bra or the breast lift bra, you need to know why your breasts have lost their shape and what you can do about it. sagging breasts are what a lot of women dread the most. therefore, it is important to understand the causes behind it before you go for the purchase.

possible reasons for saggy breasts

a lot of factors contribute to big sagging boobs. although there is a multitude of reasons behind saggy breasts like using a regular use bra, a no sag bra that prevents sagging can do wonders in lifting your breasts. here are some of the major reasons for sagging breasts:

  • pregnancy

during pregnancy, ligaments supporting the breast get stretched. this is due to the breasts getting heavier and fuller. this is one of the common reasons behind saggy breasts in women. post-pregnancy, you should buy the best bra for sagging breasts after breastfeeding.

  • aging

breast tissue is made up of ligaments that lose elasticity and stretch when women get older. this diminishes the underlying support of fat and tissue, hence, the fullness of breasts is gone.

  • gravitational pull

after menopause, women with bigger breasts experience sagginess due to the decades of gravitational pull playing its part. this is when they start looking for breast lifting bras.

  • improper or no support

it is important to wear a supportive lift bra to maintain the lift and shape of your breasts. lack of support will lead to sagginess when you hit your thirties or forties.

  • smoking

cigarette smoke contains carcinogens which lead to the breakage of elastin in your body. the elastin fibers ensure skin elasticity all through your body.

  • sunburn

apart from skin damage, ultraviolet rays can also lead to a loss of elasticity, resulting in sagging breasts.

  • weight gain

if your weight keeps fluctuating, your breasts will stretch frequently and unnecessarily. apart from sagging breasts, the best bra for lift and side support, you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid weight fluctuations.

features to look for in bras for saggy breasts

if you are looking for a bra for sagging breasts, you need to keep a few things in mind so you should not get confused with different types of bra. here are some features that a good no sag bra must have:

  • your anti sagging bra should provide extra support and strength than a usual bra.
  • avoid bras that come with just a single layer. they would do little to give your sagging breasts a proper shape.
  • best bras for sagging breasts should come with soft cups.
  • for full support, go for an underwired bra or sports bra for sagging breasts.
  • look for bras with cups that have seams as they give a perfect shape to big sagging boobs.
  • if you are pregnant or dealing with post-pregnancy sagginess, go for bras with extra fabric layers/linings with high sides as they provide great side support.

these are some of the basic features that a good lift bra must have. when it comes to your body, do not compromise or settle for anything less.

best bras for sagging breasts

now that you know what to look for while looking for a bra that prevents sagging, here are the best types of bras to invest in:

best bra for saggy breasts

  • sports bra

if you often ask yourself, “is a sports bra good for sagging breasts?”, you need to buy aastey’s bunny hop sports bra because there are many benefits of sports bra that is made with made with extremely soft and breathable fabric, this bra is perfect to keep your breast-related insecurities at bay. moreover, aastey is a very size-inclusive brand, meaning that they cater to people of every size and body type.  this sports bra is very comfortable to wear and will support your heavy breasts all day long.

  • t-shirt bras

t-shirt bras come with seamless cups and you can use them as daily wear. they will not just conceal your nipples and bust under your clothing, but will also give full support to your big sagging boobs. if you want regular wear and a comfortable bra, this is the one for you.

  • underwired bras

after sports bras, underwired bras are among the best bras for sagging breasts. they give ample support as well as a lift to your bust region.  so if you are confused about which one to choose sports bra vs normal bra and can't decide then you can go with an underwired bra because they are lightweight and come with no pads, making them perfect for sagging breasts.

  • push-up bras

push-up bras keep breasts sagging away by cheating gravity. they provide the right décolletage as they hold them up together while bringing them closer too.

  • balconette bras

if you have breasts that are not firm enough, consider investing in a balconette, demi-cup bra or plus size sport bra. it works as a no sag bra by making your breasts look more perky and rounded. these bras are designed for holding as well as exposing your breasts. go for padded balconette bras to curb your breast-sagging issue. 


  1. how should i wear a sports bra for heavy breasts?

if your breasts sag a lot, go for sports bras with broad straps. they distribute the weight properly and are very comfortable. 

  1. which type of bra suits a heavy breast?

best bras for sagging breasts in india are sports bras, push-up bras and t-shirt bras.

  1. which type of bra is good for sagging breasts?

balconette, sports, t-shirt and underwired bras provide ample support and shape to sagging breasts. therefore, they are the best in such cases.

  1. which type of bra suits a heavy breast?

as push-up bras hold the breasts together and closer, they are the best for heavy breasts.

  1. which type of bra is good for sagging breasts?

if you have sagging breasts, wear bras that offer full-support, comfort and lift. some of these bras are sports bras, t-shirt bras and push-up bras.

  1. is not wearing a bra the reason for sagging?

if you do not wear a bra and indulge in a lot of movement or rigorous physical activities, this could cause your breasts to sag. since they get no support, they may suffer from ligament tear and overstretching, which would make them lose their shape.