the end of the year is around the corner and Christmas is finally knocking at our doors. and nothing has become more important than accepting the reality of living in a world that is going through a climate crisis.

doing our bit has never been more important. so, let’s see how we can have a eco-friendly and zero-waste Christmas.

homemade christmas decorations

the holiday season is the perfect time to explore your creativity and create simple homemade Christmas decorations. channel the happy Christmas vibes to paint the house red (well, not literally) with your crafty decorations.

you can also try a garden to pick out some pinecones and acorns to crate beautiful centre pieces.

a potted tree?

so while the idea of getting a real Christmas tree seems great, it certainly isn’t a very sustainable choice. that’s mainly because most Christmas trees that you will get from the store would have been cut down. so, try a potted Christmas tree instead.

the bright side of buying a potted one is that you could plant it in your backyard and see it grow over the years; watching over your family and start a new Christmas tradition for your family to continue.

eco-friendly gift wrapping

Christmas is all about giving gifts to your loved ones and that leads to a lot of time spent in wrapping gifts. what you can surely avoid using non-recyclable gifting paper. instead of using the glittery smooth paper, we have put together a few perfect ideas for your eco-friendly gift wrapping.

conscious gifting

this Christmas, let’s buy gifts that will last your loved ones a lifetime. you could also make gifts on your own, bake a cake or some delicious chocolate chip cookies. try to avoid plastic and buy eco-friendly products. to make it easier for you, we have put together the perfect eco-conscious gift guide for you.

reduce food wastage to the minimum

around 270,000 tonnes of food is wasted every year just in UK. this is an alarming statistic. while its easy to lose track of our food indulgence, but try not to throw your leftovers in the bin. give it to your neighbours or people who really need it. there must be somewhere all that delicious food could go.

 so here’s to an amazing holiday season.

 merry Christmas and live aastey!