the perfect holiday gift guide for the eco-conscious

this holiday season, sustainability is big.

research is showing that many consumers are planning to buy sustainable and biodegradable gifts. so, if your family and friends are big on sustainability and want to celebrate the holidays the eco-friendly way, then this is the perfect gift-guide for you.

vegan candles

one of the most popular items in a holiday-gift guide are candles. you can opt for a vegan candle set for you loved ones and brighten their homes.

the zen candle with its soothing blue lily scent will be the best gift for your eco-conscious loved one. the best thing about it? it is a 100% vegan with recyclable casing.

a straw for every drink

can you really give a straw as a holiday gift? yes. not just some ordinary plastic straw but a straw that can be reused. delhi generates around 287. 6 million straws per year. americans use between 170 to 390 million straws a day. now that is a lot of waste!

having a reusable stainless, bamboo or glass straw could really come in handy. so, if your loved one is really eco-conscious, they would love the chance avoid using the single-use plastic straw forever.

low-impact makeup

you might not know but traditional make-up is full of toxic chemicals and preservatives; things we usually don’t like to consume willingly. but, where there is will, there is a way. we now have minimal-impact make-up that do not use toxic ingredients along with using eco-friendly packaging.

reusable coffee mugs

say goodbye to the unsustainable to-go coffee cups. if your loved one or friend cannot go a day without coffee, buy them a reusable coffee mug. they will not be able to go anywhere without it.

a zero-waste kit

if the above-mentioned items are not enough for you as a holiday gift, then create a zero-waste kit for your loved one full of awesome eco-friendly items. it could be anything ranging from bamboo toothbrushes to vegan candles.

the handcrafted kit will add an extra layer to the gift and your bond.

so here’s to a great holiday season ahead.

take care and live aastey!