christmas is almost here and you must be busy shopping for gifts for your loved ones. but research also says that many of us are trying to have a sustainable holiday season. do you know that we create extra waste every week during the holiday season? just being mindful of that extra wrapping paper for your precious gifts could make a lot of difference.

most wrapping paper is not recyclable, especially the ones that are glossy and laminated. here are a few tips for some eco-friendly gift wrapping this holiday season.

get creative with the kraft paper

we all know that newspapers are classic when it comes to sustainable gift wrapping. but, if you want to get creative and want it to look neat, then use the biodegradable kraft paper. what’s better is that it is also recyclable.

remember, and try to avoid tape because it is not sustainable at all.

reuse cardboard boxes

reuse your delivery boxes instead of buying gift-boxes or gift bags from shops. it is one of the easiest hacks for keeping your gift-wrapping eco-friendly and sustainable. maybe add a note to the gift so that the ones receiving the gift will also reuse it.

use natural touches as a cherry on top

if you are itching to put a nice shiny bow on your gift, just replace the urge with cotton buds, tree branches, or fallen leaves. it gives a very unique and pretty look. so, mission accomplished.

glass jars

you could have a pretty glass jar lying around in your house waiting for you to reuse it. if you don’t have it, then someone in your family will definitely have it. you can always decorate it with the natural touches we spoke of above. you can also use old cloth to wrap the top of the jar.

old clothes

there are always clothes in your wardrobe that you will never wear and might have even forgotten about. so, now is the time to search through your wardrobe and amaze everyone with your beautiful gift-wrapping ideas. and what’s better, you have successfully recycled the clothes you wanted to get rid of but didn’t know how.

these tips can be used all year round and don’t necessarily have to be holiday gift-wrapping ideas. hope this takes you a little farther in the journey to being sustainable this season.

happy holidays! live aastey!