Athleisure is a recent fashion trend that has swept the industry. What started as a simple trend has grown into a full-fledged lifestyle with athleisure trends combining athletics with leisurewear. The trend has gained popularity among young people who prefer to wear apparel that is both comfortable and fashionable and can be worn anywhere from the gym to the streets.

Athleisure has been a popular fashion trend for some years, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. This fashion style has become a fixture in the fashion business for good reason. Athleisure clothing is versatile, comfortable, and useful, making it appropriate for today's hectic lifestyles.

Athleisure has been a popular fashion trend for some years, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. This fashion style has become a fixture in the fashion business for good reason. Athleisure clothing is versatile, comfortable, and useful, making it appropriate for today's hectic lifestyles.

This clothing design is intended to be both comfortable and fashionable enough to be worn outside of the gym. With a growing interest in health and wellness, athleisure has developed as a popular fashion alternative for those who want to look good while staying active. As the year 2023 approaches, it's time to think about the athleisure trends that will dominate the fashion industry.

Athleisure that is environmentally friendly

Sustainability and green fashion is becoming increasingly important to fashion customers and athleisure women are no exception. athleisure businesses are implementing sustainable practices in producing athletic apperal such as recycling materials, decreasing waste, and assuring ethical production.

Why will it be trending?

  • Consumers of exercise clothing are increasingly seeking environmentally friendly and sustainable wear and green clothes, thanks to one of the most-needed athleisure trends.

  • Expect to see more eco-friendly materials in athleisure wear meaning, more uses of organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester.

  • Sustainable practices, such as minimizing water usage and adopting ecologically friendly dyes, will also be prioritized by brands making gym wear for women, men and non-binary people. and this would contribute to the future of athleisure in major way.

Judging by the athleisure trends and the hike in promotion of sustainable fashion, it is safe to say that in 2023, sustainable fashion will no longer be an option, but rather a need.

Sweatshirts and joggers

Joggers and sweatshirts are examples of athleisure wear, which is a clothing style that combines athletic and leisurewear. This trend has grown in popularity in recent years, and joggers and sweatshirts are at the forefront of it.

Why will it be trending?

      • Joggers and sweatshirts have long been classics in the realm of gym gear and athleisure brands, but they have recently become just as popular for non-workout activities.

      • When it comes to gym clothing, comfort is paramount. Soft, airy fabrics are used to make joggers and sweatshirts, allowing you to move freely without feeling constrained. The same level of comfort is what makes them so popular for non-workout times. Comfort is essential whether you're running errands or heading out with pals.

      • Joggers and sweatshirts are quite functional pieces of clothing. Depending on the situation, they can be worn up or down. Pair them with trainers and a t-shirt for a laid-back style. Replace the trainers with boots or loafers and add a blazer or leather jacket for a more dressed-up look.

      • They can be worn all year, making them an excellent investment piece. In the colder months, wear them inside a coat or jacket for extra warmth. In the warmer months, pair them with sandals or flip-flops for a laid-back style.

      • They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. Joggers and sweatshirts come in a variety of fashionable styles, from tie-dye to animal print, and can give a pop of color and personality to any ensemble.

Athleisure clothes are all about being comfy while also being fashionable. With comfort becoming increasingly important in fashion, it's no wonder that joggers and sweatshirts are being worn for errands, breakfast, and even the office.

Colors and prints that stand out

The year 2023 will be defined by bright colors and prints. Athleisure attire will no longer be limited to the neutral colors black, gray, and white. Expect to see bright colors like neon pink, orange, and green instead. patterns such as animal patterns, tie-dye, and floral prints will also be used by brands.

Why will it be trending?

  • Bold prints are a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. These prints are sure to turn heads and make a statement, whether you choose a colorful floral design, a strong geometric pattern, or a striking animal print. Expect firms to offer distinctive patterns and motifs that set them apart from the competition.

  • Bold designs are another wonderful way to inject some color and personality into your athleisure collection. With so many various prints and patterns to choose from, you're sure to find something that fits your style and preferences. There is bound to be a print that speaks to you, whether you favor bright and vivid colors or more subtle tints.

  • Bold prints in athleisure gear can also serve to deflect from any problem areas or insecurities you may have. Wearing a bold print on your top or leggings, for example, can draw the eye away from these areas and towards the print instead if you are self-conscious about your thighs or stomach. This can help you gain confidence and feel more at ease in your own flesh.

Bold designs can be a terrific way to spice up your athleisure collection. While black leggings and plain tops are practical and versatile, they can also be boring. You may liven up your outfit and keep things interesting by incorporating some bold designs. This will help you stay motivated and passionate about your workouts, which can lead to better outcomes in the long run.

Athleisure at its Finest

Athleisure clothing is no longer limited to the gym. Expect elevated athleisure and trending activewear that are appropriate for more formal situations in 2023. here are some best activewear brands in India

Why will it be trending?

  • Elevated athleisure elevates the athleisure trend by combining high-quality materials and elegant designs that can be worn both during workouts and in everyday life. In this post, we will look at the advantages of increased athleisure and why it is worthwhile to invest in.

  • Elevated athleisure is ideal for folks who wish to feel comfortable while also looking fashionable. This trend will give folks who love to wear athleisure clothing on a regular basis more options. Consider wearing blazers with leggings or joggers, or a crop top with a high-waisted skirt.

  • With the comfort of upgraded athleisure, you can move freely and comfortably throughout the day thanks to high-quality materials like breathable, moisture-wicking fabric and flexible materials. Whether you're running errands or going to the gym, elevated athleisure will let you move with ease and style.

  • Elevated athleisure is adaptable, which means it may be worn in a variety of situations. A good blouse and some accessories can instantly dress up a pair of leggings or joggers, making them appropriate for work or a night out. Elevated athleisure is a smart purchase because it can be worn in a variety of settings, from the gym to the office

  • One of the most significant advantages of elevated athleisure is its durability. Elevated athleisure is made of high-quality fabrics including recycled polyester and nylon. Because these materials are resistant to wear and tear, they are perfect for daily usage. Elevated athleisure is frequently made with reinforced stitching and other elements to ensure that it can endure repeated wear and cleaning.

  • Many athleisure brands are dedicated to sustainability and environmental friendliness. These manufacturers make their garments from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. Furthermore, to reduce their environmental impact, they frequently use sustainable production methods such as waterless dyeing. You are not only helping yourself but also contributing to a healthy planet by investing in sustainable athleisure.

Elevated athleisure is fashionable. Many athleisure brands are now focusing on creating fashionable pieces that can be worn both during workouts and in everyday life. These pieces frequently have distinctive designs and colours that will set you apart from the crowd. Elevated athleisure allows you to look nice and feel good while remaining comfy.

Athletic Dresses and High-Waisted Leggings

Best athleisure brands are coming up with high-waisted leggings and athletic dresses that have been popular for some years and will continue to rule the athleisure sector in 2023.

Why will it be trending?

  • High-waisted leggings provide more covering and support, making them ideal for running errands or working out. They're very slimming and can be paired with crop shirts or big hoodies.

  • More brands will offer high-waisted leggings with unique details like mesh panels, cutouts, or bold prints. High-waisted leggings are an essential addition to any athleisure collection since they provide comfort, style, and usefulness.

  • Athletic dresses will be even more fashionable in 2023. They provide a trendy and comfortable look that may be worn up or down. They are also more breathable and moveable, making them ideal for workouts or running errands. Athletic dresses are adaptable, as they may be worn with trainers or sandals and are appropriate for any occasion.

Just like athletic dresses and high-waisted leggings, fashionable sports bras and gym jackets are also rapidly gaining love and fame because of how cool they look together while being practical and comfortable too.

It goes without saying, athleisure fashion is here to stay, and these trends will dominate the industry in 2023. More bold prints, high-waisted leggings, sweatshirts and joggers, and athletic dresses are on the way. And how can we forget- sustainable clothing will always be a big YES. These trends provide consumers with more options and address the growing desire for comfort, sustainability and practicality in fashion.


Is athleisure still in style in 2023?

You must keep in mind that athleisure is about comfort, functionality, and style. There are countless different ways to wear the athleisure trend, and it is no surprise that it'll be the most sought-after fashion trend to master in the sportswear market in 2023. Just remember to have fun with it and show off your individual style while working towards your fitness goals.

What style is athleisure?

Athleisure is a hybrid form of athletic apparel that is commonly worn as casual wear. ‘Athleisure’ is a combination of the two words ‘ athletics’ and ‘leisure’. Yoga pants, tights, sneakers, leggings and shorts that seem like athletic wear are examples of athleisure clothes. Such clothes are defined by their versatility, style statement and comfort.

When did the athleisure trend start?

Athletic attire became typical in street culture by the 1970s, and it rose in popularity in the 1980s as a result of hip-hop music videos. According to others, the athleisure trend in the twenty-first century arose from ladies wearing yoga pants and the convenience of wearing garments for many situations without changing.