Your training attire can significantly impact your performance, comfort, and even motivation. Whether you are headed to the gym, are up for a run, or doing yoga, the right workout gear may make or break your fitness journey. Activewear brands in India are making activewear a fitness fashion mainstay for a good reason in recent years. Aside from looking good, wearing activewear during your workout routine has many benefits.

Activewear brands in India are making clothes that are precisely comfortable as well as flexible so that you can wear them and move freely during your workout. This allows you to do workouts accurately and securely without feeling restricted or uneasy. Wearing activewear can also improve your workout performance and help you avoid injuries. Activewear is also helpful for people who lead hectic lives. Many pieces of activewear are designed to be sported both inside and outside the gym, making them versatile and easy to wear for many activities.

best activewear brands in india

You feel better when you look good, and sportswear can help increase your confidence and enthusiasm while working out. Now, since the demand of athleisure wear is increasing rapidly we will explore India's top 10 activewear brands and gym wear brands in India that will add some flair and comfort to your workouts:

    1. aastey

aastey is one of the best activewear brands in India that thrives with key values such as self-acceptance, sustainable fashion, and comfort clothing.

      • Their collection focuses on size inclusion and breaking down preconceptions about athleisure clothing in order to create a community where people feel happy in their own skin.

      • If you are looking for activewear india, aastey's Uplift leggings will make you fall in love. They also have a whole different approach to working with sizes (even naming them!). So, if you wear an XS, you're a Lightening, and if you wear an XL, which is also a UK 20, you're a lovely Rainbow!

      • Apart from size inclusivity, what makes this brand take the cake away when it comes to activewear brands in India is its dedication and contribution towards a greener Earth. They used recycled polyester, work diligently towards waste management, and promote fair trade practices too. This is among those athleisure brands which you can never go wrong with.


    1. Alics

If you want to invest in high-quality athleisure wear and shoes for men, women, and children, this Noida-based firm has you covered. You will particularly like their T-shirts and leggings for ladies and their footwear for guys. Previously, the brand created a collection for Rajasthan Royals (yeah, you read it correctly!).

      • Alcis Sports is one of those activewear brands in India that pledges to be a performance wear brand taking pride in being the first Indian brand to have the capability and production ability to make technologically superior sportswear at reasonable price points in order to improve the wearer's performance.

      • The items are manufactured in India using cutting-edge technology such as Dry-Tech (moisture management), Anti-Odour, Anti-Static, Anti-UV, and Light X, and are specifically created with Indian lifestyles and climatic conditions in mind.

      • The product line includes clothing for running, training, yoga, football, racquet sports and other athletic and recreational activities. Their products are now accessible in over 700 shops across the country, including all major large-format retailers.

    1. Breakfree

Sumedha Mahajan, a record-breaking endurance runner and writer, founded Brakefree after recognising the need for an original sportswear brand for women in the country.

      • Their High Impact Champion Tights, High Impact Anti-Odour Tee, and High Impact Non-Bouncy Bra have earned the faith of actresses and dancers such as Nora Fatehi. It is working towards coming up with great gymwear at reasonable rates.

      • Every active wear enthusiast needs to get their hands on Brakefree’s knee and spine support tights, which are carefully developed to protect those niggling joints.

      • Brakefree is the first Indian brand to campaign for the cause of no longer having to "adjust" for women. Previously, sportswomen wore whatever garment was available on the market, and if not, they wore men's sportswear to their events, which was obviously uncomfortable and inadequate for their needs. They may now put on a pair of High Impact Champion Tights, a High Impact Anti-Odour Tee, and a High Impact Non-Bouncy Bra and be unstoppable, comfortable, confident, and perform like champions.

    1. Athlos

Athlos is a sustainable activewear brand keeping up with athleisure trends while making environmentally conscious decisions.

      • It uses its distinctive bamboo fabric and has a minimalist approach and a 'less is more' mentality.

      • They make bamboo yarn by crushing the trunk and leaves and then putting the pulp in a solution to soak it before washing and spinning it into yarn. This results in a yarn which not only feels incredibly smooth on the skin but is also elastic.

      • The Athlos T-shirts absorb a lot of perspiration, and, their rapid dry mechanism is very impressive.

    1. Myriad

With a number of celebrities wearing Myriad's clothing, such as Shilpa Shetty.

      • This brand has grown in prominence due to the high quality of its items. We are very impressed by how vivid their clothes are, and the styles employed in crop tops and leggings are pretty unusual.

      • Bralettes from this store are great for softer exercises, such as boxing, Zumba, or basketball.

      • Bralettes from this store are great for softer exercises, such as boxing, Zumba, or basketball

    1. Yogue Activewear

Yogue Activewear, one of the good gym clothing brands in India, was founded in 2015.

      • It offers comfortable clothes that can be worn both in and out of the gym.

      • Yogue offers gym wear for women and men in brilliant colours and unique motifs. If you compare it with Nikes and Pumas of the world, Yogue Activewear's prices of the products are also quite reasonable.

      • Their crop zippers are fantastic. We bought them since they are fantastic for workouts and don't look like sportswear, even if you wear them to the mall!

    1. Kica Proactive

Kica is an activewear company that sells leggings, sports bras, shorts, tanks, and shirts in bright colours with a lot of mesh.

      • Kica's activewear is not only light but also very breathable, which enables you to workout without getting too hot or leaving permanent sweat stains.

      • We adore their leggings, as do celebrities such as Miss Malini and Bollywood actors and fitness aficionados Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora.

      • We have to give this brand credit for its anti-odour method. It truly works miracles, and their yellow crop top is ideal for workouts and casual lounging.

    1. Skyria

If you're on the hunt for an affordable way to create your athleisure wardrobe, look no further.

      • Their collection is eye-catchy and fashionable, and they have a large selection from which to choose.

      • You must have spotted actor Ruhani Sharma wearing Skyria activewear. Himashree Roy, an international sprinter, also wears this brand.

      • They have a Skyria tribe, which brings together women to establish a community of people who wish to be in shape.

    1. Proyog

When it comes to yoga clothing, you are going to love Proyog for its blend of comfort and style.

      • They employ sustainable organic cloth to make a wardrobe suitable for both men and women practising yoga.

      • Slacks, tees, blouses, high-neck crop tops, and dhotis are included in the collection.

      • The dhotis take some getting accustomed to, but once you do, they're fantastic for yoga!

    1. Athleisure Cava

In 2020, two siblings founded this brand to keep themselves from going insane during the pandemic.

      • Cava provides athleisure that goes beyond trends, with high and sustainable materials and comfy shapes.

      • Their range of clothing is extremely ideal for resting, chilling, or reclining with friends.

      • You must check out their co-ord sets, which have a reputation for being extremely comfy when flying (we've seen Kiara Advani serving looks wearing this brand on multiple occasions).

    1. Future Of

Motivated by a desire to build a platform that promotes not only extraordinary ideas but also helpful tips, Future Of is doing wonders as a gymwear brand in India.

      • Future Of is founded on openness and inclusivity, and it offers a capsule range of activewear and loungewear that employs ethical and sustainable design practices.

      • To make activewear accessible to more and more people, Future Of’s prices are also quite reasonable while they do not compromise on quality at all.

      • If you are looking for a brand that oozes of feel-good vibe and practical clothing, this one is definitely for you!

    1. Pace Active

Pace Active offers high-quality sportswear that fits like a dream, with the goal of allowing you to “hit the gym at 6 a.m. and have a gin at 6 p.m.”

      • The three adjectives for Pace Active that characterise and summerise the brand are transitional, functional, and fashionable.

      • They provide two fabric options: Performance Gloss and Core Compression. Choose the Performance Gloss line if you want your tights and tees to be stretchy and fluid. The Core Compression is ideal for that snug fit and the sensation of your garments holding you in.

      • Pace Active’s variety of activewear options makes the brand

    1. Shiv Naresh

Shiv Naresh is a well-known Indian brand that manufactures sportswear and sports equipment throughout the country.

      • The company was founded in 1987 to mould the future of Indian athletics.

      • Shiv Naresh has since produced high-quality gear suitable for all athletes.

      • T-shirts, tracksuits, shorts, playing kit dresses, and accessories are among the items provided by the brand and are made of great quality and soft fabrics.

    1. Campus Sutra

Campus Sutra is a developing brand with a fantastic sportswear line

      • The brand is known for its distinctive designs, and it offers a large selection of sports t-shirts, jackets, and shorts.

      • This brand's trademark is its graphic products, which are made with young people in mind.

      • Top e-commerce websites sell their sportswear collections as they are loved by people across ages.

    1. Flirtatious

Flirtatious is a trendy swimwear brand that debuted in 2013.

    • A water baby's paradise, you'll find a variety of colour-block bikinis, fluorescent swimsuits, and floaty cover-ups.

    • The brand also sells eye-catching beachwear and an athleisure piece in their signature vivid hues with a hint of a breezy atmosphere.

    • If you are planning a trip to the beaches or just want that holiday vibe in your gym and wardrobe, Flirtatious will make your dreams come true for sure.

In recent years, the Indian sportswear business has seen a shift towards sustainability, comfort, and elegance. Aastey is one of the best athleisure wear brand that are now emphasising the production of environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing that is both functional and fashionable. To manufacture environmentally friendly apparel, they use materials such as recycled polyester, and organic cotton, while also managing their water and waste better.

Along with sustainability, Aastey also prioritises comfort and style, using high-performance fabrics and innovative designs to create clothing that not only looks great but also feels great to wear while exercising. From yoga trousers to sports bras, Aastey is setting new industry norms by providing consumers with a variety of alternatives that prioritise style, design and sustainability while engaging in fair trade practices and a good impact on environment.