Dressing casually is the new cool these days and athleisure brands are doing a great job in athleisure's sporty yet comfortable combos that nail the desired aesthetic. The word  'Athleisure' is a combination of athletics and leisure. Athleisure is the latest fashion trend that's garnering attention due to its versatile design that's suitable for limited workouts to be worn at the gym or for casual and social events and at work. 

Everything in life is altered by the season of change. From fashion to work, to leisure, everything is altered. Sweatpants have now become the work-from-home outfit, and the traditional workstation has now become the sofa. Whether you're going for a daily workout or not, the ideal sportswear serves the function of a well-organized, devoted workstation. It encourages you to work out more diligently.

Here are the 11 best athleisure brands in India that will make you comfortable without letting your style quo go for a toss:

    1. aastey

launched in the year 2020 by jeevika tyagi and kanupriya kundhra, aastey is a size-inclusive sustainable athleisure brand that focuses on offering the best athleisure wear and workout essentials while reducing one’s carbon footprint. aastey works on making the future of athleisure sustainable.

      • the creators came up with the brand when they discovered how widespread body image concerns are and how fast fashion is destroying mother earth

      • one of the best athleisure brands, aastey’s vast collection which includes sports bras, gym jackets, leggings, yoga pants, joggers etc., is a playful mix of fitness wear for all sizes.

      • aastey’s line of clothing, which is available in 16 various sizes, is designed for comfort and style and may be worn from morning to night.

      • this size-inclusive athleisure wear brand makes use of high-quality, flexible, and sustainable fabric that does not restrict movement and allows you to move freely.

      • while using recycled polyester, less water usage and waste management systems, aastey also indulges in fair trade practices so that sustainable slow fashion is produced without harming the earth or humans.

    1. satva

satva is one of the well-known athleisure brands loved for their organic cotton athleisure clothing, which is durable, comfy, and environmentally friendly.

      • the line's items are made entirely of organic cotton. satva's collection maybe for you if you wish to attempt a distinctive and vivid color-blocking pattern.

      • satva's collection does not disappoint with its selection of tees and leggings that appear appropriate for your gym session and post-workout preparations.

      • this organic athleisure brand which is helping to transform india's cotton sector, collaborates directly with indian farmers to promote cotton cultivation as a source of income, non-gmo seeds, and the education of young girls in the areas where raw materials are sourced.

      • satva clothing is created entirely from natural materials, with no use of chemicals, harmful waxes, bleaches, or other harsh chemicals.

      • the brand sprang to prominence thanks to its cotton leggings, and it now offers a wide selection of athleisure wear women, including shirts, bralettes, shorts, bottoms, sweaters, jackets, and other necessities.

    1. soul space clothing

soul space is another sustainable native athleisure business to look into. do well and look nice- is a simple green fashion concept reflected in soul space's clothing range.

      • soul space presents the story of clothing that begins with organic cotton cultivation and ends with ethical manufacture, combining sustainability and style through their range of green clothes.

      • one of the best sustainable athleisure brands, the creators of soul space feel that their organic cotton products are the glamorous solution to tackling labor and environmental issues in the textile production industry. they work closely with people at the grassroots level, treating them with dignity while taking long-term care of our environment. soul space intends to make a good impact on the fashion industry with its sustainable athleisure clothing.

      • organic cotton cultivation is central to the brand's vision, and it caters to an audience that prefers to wear natural fibers.

      • their athleisure wear includes collections for both men and women, such as 'yoga & studio,' 'ahimsa khadi,' and 'essentials,' which essentially consist of tees, tanks, leggings, pants, bras, trunks, shorts, sweats and loungewear, cover ups and jackets, and even handwoven khadi clothes.

      • the majority of their clothing is manufactured from 95% organic cotton and is quite comfortable for all-day wear.

    1. strechery

strechery, a firm created in 2014 by friends nirali and jeenie, strives to provide 'mindful training gear' to its customers.

      • strechery is where fitness meets fashion, with a very functional yet fashionable variety of athleisure gear such as tanks, shirts, and bottoms manufactured from organic cotton.

      • they are dedicated to producing high-quality, ethically produced and sourced exercise gear. they believe that with tiny efforts, positive improvements may be made.

      • they are attempting to lessen the environmental effect by employing ethical and sustainable products and practices throughout the manufacturing process.

      • they collaborate with dependable fair-trade-certified manufacturing partners who share their values. they ensure that the workforce is safe, fair, and ethical at work.

      • by focusing on classic styles and basic comfort, the company caters to all age groups and body shapes.

    1. hrx by hrithik roshan

hrx is an indian lifestyle brand that swiftly gained popularity among gym enthusiasts after its 2013 launch, most likely due to its link with fitness celebrity and actor hrithik roshan. keeping that aside, the products of this brand are actually of premium quality and offered at very reasonable prices. 'be the best version of yourself,' is what the brand advocates, and it lives up to the slogan by providing customers with a variety of trendy fitness and athleisure apparel.

      • at hrx, you will find t-shirts, sweatshirts, track pants, tights, tracksuits, casual shoes, sports sandals and various other items that would help put together a pretty funky look while helping you in your fitness journey.

      • hrx offers a significant price advantage over other athleisure brands; a t-shirt may easily be purchased for less than rs 700. their products are made while keeping the latest athleisure trends in mind.

      • hrithik roshan and exceed entertainment founded hrx - india's first homegrown fitness brand, inspired by his historic journey as an actor, fitness and health enthusiast, with the notion that everyone has a winner within them and all they need to do is harness their inner superhero with the right athleisure clothes.

      • hrx is not simply a brand that looks like a luxury sportswear brand created to inspire and lead billions of people towards their fitness objectives; it is a purpose that empowers and supports individuals to be the fittest, happiest, and most confident versions of themselves.

    1. deviee

this athletic line, founded by milind soman and darshan m, caters particularly to indian sensibilities and body types.

      • the fashion athleisure brand is based on the principle of conscious commerce, which prioritizes sustainability and purpose over profits.

      • they guarantee to make business decisions with the best interests of their customers in mind, while also respecting the community that generates their products. farmers, artists, and factory employees are all included.

      • they sell performance kurtis, harem trousers, copper water bottles, yoga mats and incense. all of their products are made in fair-trade facilities with raw materials such as organic cotton, banana fiber, wild grass, coconuts, recycled polyester, and so on.

      • deivee's concept is to use yoga and active living to make the world a healthier and happier place. they also have a programme via which their ngo partner, grow trees, plants a tree in karnataka’s region of chintamani, for every deivee tree t-shirt purchased.

    1. blissclub

a brand created by women, for women. minu margeret, the founder and ceo of blissclub, has always been a fitness devotee. as a result, she produced a brand that is aware of its target demographic. when minu margaret saw that the indian market did not meet the demand for highly functional, technical, and innovative technical clothing, she resolved to solve this problem for herself and for countless women in the country.

      • this size-inclusive fitness brand gives women the freedom to wear anything they choose. their athleisure wear collection addresses all of the issues that plus-size women confront. they are also involved in shaping the upcoming athleisure trends in India.

      • the brand caters to all body shapes, with sizes ranging from xs to xxxxl and 10 various colors. "fitness is my hack to happiness," says minu margeret. to stay sane, i need to relocate. endorphins are released when you move, and endorphins make you happy. blissclub is thriving with the philosophy: "helping women find happiness and bliss... through movement!"

    1. the pink moon

divya goenka's size-inclusive athletic brand emphasizes not only body positivity but also responsible production.

      • they use handpicked fabrics for shapes and styles that will flatter your body type. every piece of apparel they make has been carefully thought out and has gone through multiple changes before being offered to you.

      • their goal is to provide you with a product that blends breathable fabrics, smart shapes, and high-quality stitching so that our garments become your go-to outfits. this brand is unique in that they only use fabric sourced from the leftovers of export factories and mills.

      • they also have an in-house production staff to ensure that their craftspeople are decently handled. as a result, quality control is consistent

      • they also have a waste-free policy. they produce in batches, which reduces the amount of unsold inventory. this firm sells dresses, tops, jackets, activewear, and bottoms in sizes ranging from l to 6xl.

    1. silvertraq

dhriti badani, the brand's founder, had one goal in mind when she launched it: to offer sportswear a humorous twist. that is why, silvertraq offers a tye and dye athleisure collection in addition to the standard solid colors for activewear.

      • silvertraq was founded on the idea of providing high-performance activewear that met all of your expectations, from technology to trends. it's one of the best activewear brands in India.

      • they handle everything in-house, from production to performance and are fully a made-in-india, homegrown brand.

      • they take everything personally to provide you with a product that is not only purposeful but honest all the way through, whether it's market and product research, performance fabric creation, or their ethical, egalitarian, and sustainable means of functioning.

      • leggings, long sleeve zip shirts, track pants, training shorts, racerback tanks and even sports knickers are available from this company.

      • they come in sizes ranging from xs to 4xl. their four-way stretch workout wear is made of polyester derived from recycled pet bottles and has sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and anti-odour properties to keep you feeling fresh even after a vigorous workout.

    1. dee clothing

deeksha and kritika khurana, two sisters, appear to have created their business on the principle that comfort comes first in everything.

      • dee clothing aims to combine design and comfort with its huge hoodies and joggers. it features a small product line and sizes ranging from small to the size xxl. dee clothing's clothing line attracted a lot of attention because the startup's founders are well-known social media personalities.

      • dee has been providing outstanding styles to customers all around the world since its inception. at its foundation, its vision is fast-paced, forward-thinking, and fashion-centered, and all of its goods reflect these characteristics.

    1. creeze

this emerging company creates high-quality performance athletic and yoga clothing to help people live healthy lifestyles in a trendy and comfortable way.

    • creez is concerned with the groundbreaking concept of athleisure, which refers to athletic or gym apparel that can be worn outside of the gym or sports.

    • this athletic apparel business has a range of high-quality performance wear for those who wish to live healthy lifestyles in a comfortable and fashionable way.

    • creez is a highly refined style of fashion inventiveness and invention. it introduces the cutting-edge concept of superior workout apparel to the market. they aimed to incorporate style and high design into athletic apparel, resulting in the creez brand.

    • they firmly believe that athletic gear should have a broader use and should not be limited to the gym, sports, and yoga.

    • the idea is to create a spectacular and modern fashion line that can be worn outside of the rec center or sports field with conventional heels or shoes as well.

with the catch-up of new fashion, athleisure brands have started to make further improvements in the production of athleisure outfits by making them lighter, and breathable. this has seen athleisure combine sporty, urban fashion trends to become a complete solution for a fashionable lifestyle.