are you a plus size woman struggling to find the perfect plus size sports bra? are you wondering how to get the best bra for heavy breast in india? are you forever in search for large size bras but never find the right one? don’t worry, we have got you covered. while it is important for athleisure brands to be more size-inclusive, it is equally crucial for all the plus size beauties to know the tips and tricks for getting the best heavy bras.

things to look for when buying a plus size sports bra

if your plus size sports bra fits you right, it will do wonders to your exercise regime. from wicking sweat away to providing your breasts with ample support, a well-fitting sports bra is a must-have for all the plus size fitness freaks. here are some tips that will help you to find the perfect plus size sports bra for your closet:

  1. a snug band

    while looking for large bras, make sure to go for the ones with bands that fit snugly but are not very tight because the sizes of sports bra play a very important role while giving your breast the comfort that they deserve. you will be surprised to know that more than 70% of the support provided by your sports bra is from its band. that is why the band should fit you snugly and let you breathe.

    the best way to ensure you get the right fit is by wearing your sports bra. if it gives you a snug fit, try sliding two fingers between your chest and the band. if you are able to do so, the fit is perfect. if not, you need to go for a bigger size.

  2. full cups

    a good bra for heavy bust will come with cups that are not overflowing but are full. your breasts need to be completely enclosed within the cups for the right amount of support. the cups should have no gaps or wrinkles on it. if you find wrinkles or gaps, it indicates that the cups are not full. in such a case, go for a smaller cup size or there are different types of bra options that you can choose from.

    if your breasts are spilling out from the sides or the top, it means the bra cups are tiny for you and overflowing. get a bigger cup size in this scenario. the aim of good heavy bras is to give full support to your breasts and no sag bra or full cups bra helps you with that. any unsupported region will bounce and make working out very uncomfortable.

  3. straps that don’t dig in

    while more than 70% of support from the sports bra comes from its bands, the remaining 20-30% is given by its straps. just like the bands of your sports bra, the straps need to be snug too but not very tight. try the two-finger test here as well. slide two fingers between your chest and the bra straps. a snug fit will accommodate your two fingers but if it fails, the bra is tight for you.

    the bra straps should not slide down your shoulders. slipping straps are a big no no! you do not want to keep fixing your straps every now and then in the middle of a workout session.

  4. bra that lies flat between the breasts

    a well-fitted plus size sports bra is thebest bra for daily use and will lie flat between the breasts but this becomes an issue especially when you go for underwired sports bras. the bra region between the breasts should be flat on your torso. in case it does not happen, it indicates that you are wearing the wrong cup size.

    in case the cups are very big, the underwire will end up being too huge for the breasts. your sports bra will never be able to lie flat if the cup size is very small. the best solution for this is to either check your bra cup size or even better is to go for wire-free plus size sports bras that do not come with any underwire.

  5. an underwire that does not poke the skin

    if you are buying large size bras with underwire, make sure the wire does not poke on any part of your skin. underwire in the sports bra helps in shaping and supporting the breasts, not poking and prodding them. the biggest indication of an incorrect bra size is if the underwire prods or pokes on the skin.

    if the cup size of your heavy bras is too small, the underwire is going to be very tight for the breasts. this will result in pinching and digging into the skin. the opposite of this is a cup size too big as that will make the underwire move around and poke you. just check the size of your bra cup and you are sorted!

  6. a good fit on the loosest hooks

    your new plus size sports bra should fit you well even on the loosest hooks. a good sports bra for heavy breast for gym will be expensive and hence, you will want it to last you for a very long time. no matter how much you take care of the bra, it will wear and tear after a point of time. the materials will stretch and eventually, the fit will start to fail too.

    if you start on the loosest hook on the band, it will make the band stretch and let you tighten it up. you must always allow your bra to give you the support for as long as possible.

  7. the bra does not chafe

    a well-made heavy bust sports bra will not lead to chafing on your skin that is one of the benefits of wearing sports bra even if the fit is perfect and everything else is fine, one can still experience chafing. in such cases, you do not need a different size but a different style to avoid the dreaded chafing that stings painfully.

    if your breasts keep rubbing with each other even when you wear the right size of sports bra, you should try the encapsulation bra style. such bras will separate and hold each breast individually. if the band keeps rubbing, go for bras with soft and seam-free bands. moreover, consider going for bras made from contemporary, moisture-wicking materials. the lesser you will sweat, the lesser will be the chance of chafing!

  8. the right wash

    did you know that the way you wash your plus size bras can impact their fit? over time, washing the bras lead to the breaking down of the elastin. this makes your bra lose support. incorrect washing or over-washing can actually accelerate this process.

    taking care of your plus size high impact sports bras is essential for the function and longevity of the bra. follow the instructions on the bra label and the care tips for making your bra perform its best and last longer. do not tumble dry your bras and always go for a dry flat under the shade.

  9. go for size-inclusive brands

  10. being a plus size woman in search of perfect gym wear is an ordeal in india. well, not anymore. with size-inclusive brands like aastey, it has become pretty easy to get a stylish and functional best bra for heavy breast. if you are looking for a good brand to try out, do give aastey’s sports bra a shot. they are made of recycled, moisture-wicking fabrics that will keep you dry for hours.

    these high support, full-coverage bras are among the best bra for heavy breast size in india. such medium impact padded bras offer high support and maximum comfort for all your movements. they are available in a huge range of sizes and you are surely going to find the one that fits you like a dream.

  11. a bra with good shoulder support

    while shopping for plus size sports bra, go for the one that offers good shoulder support. wide shoulder straps are the best, most convenient and very comfortable. try to look for cushioned straps if possible.

    a sports bra for big busts with wide shoulder straps will alleviate discomfort and unwanted digging. it will also help in keeping the bra and your breasts in place. this will make your workout experience a lot more better and power-packed.

  12. a bra made specifically by athleisure companies

    these days, numerous clothing brands are adding activewear to their collections. in a lot of cases, such activewear or athleisure apparel focuses more on fashion than on functionality. hence, it is important to buy a plus size bra india from athleisure brands that work specifically in producing gym wear.

    if a good athleisure brand designs a sports bra, its physical performance will be questionable and often, not up to the mark. you need your bras to provide you with enough support for your high-impact needs.

these are some of the simplest ways to help you when you wonder how to choose the correct sports bra for plus size women. spending time, energy, money, and thought to get the best sports bra for obese is worth all the effort. a bra that supports your breasts well fits properly and does not rub is all that you need in the gym.

the next time you are scrolling through big boobs sports bras online, make your shopping experience easier by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind. they will not only fasten your process of choosing the right sports bra but will also make sure your money is put on the right product of the right size.