Athleisure is a relatively new term in the fashion world. It is, as the name implies, a hybrid of athletic apparel, sportswear, and leisurewear. We are in a modern world whose goal is to achieve convenience in any aspect possible, and the creation of athleisure wear strongly affirms just that. They are clothes that can be used for a workout but are also stylish and trendy enough for other casual occasions.

What comes under athleisure wear?

Yoga Pants
Sweat Pants
Gym T-shirts
Anything that is designed for athletic activities but is fashionable enough to be worn outside the gym.

With the pandemic setting in, the athleisure trend could not have arrived at a better time. Working out and staying fit is important for the new generation of millennials and Gen Z. You could be a gym enthusiast, a runner, or a yoga practitioner. Athleisure wear provides these activities, which would otherwise be associated with sweat and fatigue, with a refreshing makeover. The skin-tight material, bright colours, and cool designs have transformed these tedious tasks into something fun, inviting, and most importantly instagrammable. 

size inclusive athleisure


Why has the athleisure market grown so rapidly?

One of the main reasons is the availability of materials like lycra and spandex. They are easy to wash and dry, can be odorless, give a 4-way stretch, and are sweat-resistant. Such technological advancements have allowed fashion to twist and transform into the fashion trends that we all enjoy.

Unfortunately, athleisure wear is often associated with a specific body type. These clothing designs are tailored for the tall, lean, and muscular body type. We at aastey aim to challenge this stereotype because fashion is for everyone.  It is high time we create clothes catered for all body types, and embrace size inclusivity. Everyone deserves to love how they look in whatever makes them feel comfortable.

So stop comparing how other bodies look and start living your best life!

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