Attention green shoppers: This thrift store guide will take you to your next store

In the last 2 years, we’ve seen Instagram businesses grow like never before. Jewelry pages, candle stores and even thrift stores. As previously mentioned in our blog sustainable fashion, shopping consciously is the need of the hour.  We need to start being environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprint. Reduce - reuse - recycle is a mantra we’ve been taught since we were little kids, but over the years seem to have forgotten it. So let’s go back to our roots and find a way to consciously shop.

To help you shop sustainably. Here are our favourite Instagram thrift stores in India! 

1. @thekifaayatco 

    Run by 2 friends, Kifaayat co not only thrifts clothes but also upcycles them, they sell beautifully jewelry and accessories as well. Each collection has a theme and you’re sure to find something you love. 

    2. @thrifty.tales

    With the motto to slow down fast fashion, thrifty tales sells clothes, that are practically new at extremely affordable prices. Clothes from brands like h&m and Zara are also sold here. 

    3. @nushthrifts

    From t-shirts to dainty tops, to floral shirts find it all here. At nush thrifts, you get thrifted items and upcycled clothes as well. A bonus point, they also have a handcrafted jewelry page! 

    4. @bombayclosetcleanse 

    It started off as one of the first thrift store Instagram pages and has gone to become the first in-person thrift store in Bombay! The products, the service, everything is absolutely gorgeous. If you want to own some celebrity outfits, bcc is the place for you! 

    thrift shopping


    Thrift stores have always been a  part of western cultures, and are slowly creeping into ours. They’re necessary for the economy, the environment and of course our pockets! Thrifting may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but fast fashion brands should not always be the answer. Look out for brands that make sustainability a priority that cannot be compromised. As customers, the factors we prioritize while spending money is what shapes global business so it’s a responsibility that must be taken seriously.

    Live sustainably and live aastey!