do you know what happens to the clothes that you throw away when you get bored of them? estimates show that around 92 million tonnes of textile waste is created each year across the world. every second, a truck full of clothes is thrown away in a landfill somewhere. but this doesn’t have to be our reality.

this is where the circular fashion industry comes into the picture.

what is circular fashion?

circular fashion refers to adopting circular business models that focus on reducing waste, either by using sustainable materials or using our planet’s resources more efficiently and sustainably.

why it matters?

you may ask why does it matter if your clothes end up in some landfill? landfills are made to keep all the waste away from human contact. but landfills themselves are not very environment friendly and cause air pollution. moreover, textile production causes 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year. so, the more we produce, the more we throw, the more we hurt our planet. and if this isn’t enough, all this waste is also costing us $400 billion every year.

so, is the fashion industry becoming more circular?

with consumer attitudes shifting towards caring about the environment and sustainability, fashion companies are gearing up to shift to circularity.

in fact, 2021 has been a big year for circular fashion. fashion companies are coming up with ways to create less impact. here are some of the ways the fashion industry is becoming more circular.

  • shifting to organic materials that are not resource-intensive and do not need gallons of water for their production.
  • recycling not only clothes but synthetic fabrics as well can significantly reduce fashion waste.
  • manufacturing clothes that last-longer and shifting away from the trend of dropping 16 to 24 collections a year.

keeping the planet’s future as our priority, aastey has its own sustainable in-house fabrics. we are working towards creating a closed loop cycle for all our products and aim to be completely sustainable by 2023.

aastey is a sustainable athleisure brand for all sizes and body types that strives to create a space where you can be whoever you want while being comfortable and stylish. 

because you deserve better.

live sustainable! live aastey!