is it so bad to buy pre-loved clothes?

do you know around 92 million tonnes of textile waste is created every year? 

as it stands, we are buying more clothes than we need or are going to wear. what sucks even more is that clothes created with cheap materials are very hard to recycle.

most of the recycled polyester used by sustainability-conscious brands comes from plastic bottles instead of discarded clothes. so, it only makes sense that we start looking for alternatives to throwing clothes away, like buying second-hand or pre-loved clothes.

here are a few reasons why you should try this:

be an explorer

odds are you are not a big fan of buying second hand, but exploring your options wouldn’t really hurt. 

go vintage

there are chances that you might find vintage clothing that is one-of-a-kind and

you might even end up finding a really cool outfit that speaks to your personal style, but might never be back in production.

save planet’s limited resources

by buying second hand clothes, you will be able to do your small part in saving our planet’s depleting resources.

the fast fashion industry is known for its unsustainable practises and by buying reused clothes, you would be able to promote slow fashion.

avoid chemicals

when we buy new clothes, we hardly ever think of washing them before wearing them. but we would never miss washing second-hand clothes before trying them on.

but here’s the twist:

new clothes can be more harmful if they are not washed. that’s because newer clothes contain more chemicals.  have you ever wondered how the store clothes look so perfect after travelling for hundreds of kilometres before reaching your stores? they have to be protected from mould, humidity and wrinkles. who else but toxic chemicals is going to take this on? most of these chemicals are linked to skin irritation.

so next time you see words like "wrinkle-free," make sure you wash it properly.

save money

well, this could be the first thing or the last thing on your list but whether you want to or not, you will end up saving a lot

here you go then. are these reasons enough for you to try out second-hand buying? share your thoughts with us.

live sustainable! live aastey!