how are we celebrating pride month?

hey tribe!

the pride month is at its peak, and we have been celebrating it in full zeal. while we are strong believers of the fact that the pride month should be celebrated all year long, this month does get a special nod. so, if you are looking to support their friends and peers in this month, then don’t hesitate to show it in every way possible.


here are a few ways we are celebrating the pride month and you can too:

learn about the LGBTQ history

this month, educate yourself about the history and culture of LGBTQ+. read about the important figures in the LGBTQ+ rights movement, the meaning of all the colours in the pride rainbow flag. if you think you know enough, we can assure you there is much more to learn. watch documentaries like Paris is Burning and tune into LGBTQ+ podcasts if you are not the reading type. whatever medium you choose, learning the history behind the celebration should be a priority this month.

stand up for your peers

we all know that despite the celebrations, LGBTQ people still face discrimination in the workplace. so, if you see someone harassing a colleague, a peer or even a stranger, stand up for them and let your peers know that they are not invisible. read our blogs on how to be an ally and how to be make businesses more LGBTQ inclusive.

stream LGBTQ content

in the recent years, the film industry has taken a turn in creating great LGBTQ+ content. we have already discussed some of our favourite LGBTQ+ content here. while we know that watching movies doesn’t solve the struggles and the fight for the LGBTQ rights but sometimes you need to take a break and regenerate before getting up to fight again. that is the aastey way and that should be yours too.

Express and love yourself

one that thing that is common in Pride month is the idea to accept everyone and yourself. so, break out your unique style to celebrate pride. no one can stop you from being who you are. you should not stop yourself either.

here are a few ways you can celebrate pride month. let us know how you have been celebrating pride and write to us on Instagram @liveaastey. you know we love to hear from you.

until next time, live aastey.