camisole vs tank tops - difference you should know

no matter what your style is or fashion choices are, tank tops and camisoles are wardrobe staples for almost all women. camisole vs tank tops may look quite similar but they serve totally different purposes when it comes to functionality. if you like to experiment with clothes, you’d know that you can never have enough of camisoles and tank tops for obvious reasons.

if you are not very fashion-conscious or aware, you may often get confused between these two pieces of garments. the distinction between camisole and tank tops have different characteristics and they don’t look exactly the same either. here is a complete guide that will help you understand camisole vs tank tops better.

sleeveless tank tops are usually made of materials like polyester and cotton while camisoles are of materials like cotton spandex, satin, silk, and nylon. while camisoles are sleeveless tops with spaghetti straps while tank tops are sleeveless but with wide straps and tight fitting. tank tops can be worn without a shirt/shrug over it but camisoles are usually worn under jackets or shirts. camisoles are worn just by women while both men and women can wear tank tops. 

what is a camisole?

if you are wondering what are cami tops, keep reading. camisoles are sleeveless shirts that are usually worn under see-through tops, low-cut tops or suit jackets. their spaghetti straps are also known as noodle straps because of their thinness. they work as excellent innerwear with sheer tops and deep-necked blouses. more often than not, you cannot wear them alone.


  • a camisole comes with minimal bust support and spaghetti straps.
  • camisoles are usually made of thin and lightweight fabric and they are fitted to the body.
  • initially, they started off as underwear or lingerie but have now transformed into fashionable alternatives to blouses.
  • more designer versions of camisoles with bows and lace add a frilly touch to casual wear. 
  • they are also worn on their own during summers and on beach vacations. 

the use of camisoles is not restricted to underwear anymore and they come in a lot of fancy designs these days. office-going women wearing camis underneath their suit jackets look very feminine as the subtle hint of lace peeps through the blazer. so, you can actually use camisoles for making your outfit more sophisticated, stylish, and sexy without putting in much of an effort.

what is a tank top?

tank tops are the sleeveless garments that are slightly similar to camisoles. unlike camisoles, tank tops are worn both by women as well as men. different types of tank tops can either be cropped or waist-length, depending on the style you go for. their straps are usually wider than the straps of camisoles. they are worn as athletic wear or gym outfit by people all over the world. 

tank top

  • most often, tank tops are made of polyester blends or cotton fabrics which make them extremely breathable.
  • as they have integral straps and opaque fabrics, they provide good top-body coverage.
  • aastey is one of the most sought-after brands that make the best tank tops in India. made of sustainable material, these tank tops are super soft, and practical, and make bodily movements very easy.
  • tank tops are ideal for casual and sports wear as they offer optimum durability and comfort. 
  • they can either be loose or close-fitting, depending on the type you pick. 

the laid back and casual persona of tank tops makes them perfect to pair with flared jeans, culottes, shorts, etc. tank tops are rapidly becoming a very cool alternative to your regular tees. initially, they were worn as swimwear but now you can wear them to gyms, trekking, running errands, and basically, everywhere.

camisole vs tank tops

it goes without saying that both camisoles and tank tops are a must-have for your wardrobes. they make dressing up super easy, help you with your sheer tops or dresses that have weird cuts, and a lot more.

camisole vs tank tops

however, there are a lot of fundamental differences between camisoles vs tank tops.  you must be wondering what are the distinct features of camisole and tank tops. we have got you covered here.


tank tops


they have spaghetti straps.

tank tops have wide straps.


most often, only women wear camisoles.

both men and women wear tank tops.


camisoles are made of materials such as cotton spandex, silk, nylon, satin, etc.

tank tops are made of materials like polyester and cotton.


usually, they are worn under jackets or shirts. they are also used for layering.

tank tops can be worn alone with no shirt, shrug or blouse over them.


usually, they are solid coloured and some of them have lace trimmings, bows, and other such embellishments.

they come in prints, graphics, solid colours, and a lot of different styles.


the cost of camisoles differs depending on the material. they can get expensive if they are made of silk.

tank tops are usually very affordable.


they are usually used for layering, as a ‘modesty’ garment, and offer less bust support.

tank tops are usually regarded as casualwear or sportswear, and worn during the warmer months.

bra straps’ visibility

bra straps are clearly visible when you wear a bra under a camisole.

depending on the style of the tank top, the visibility of bra straps is little to no at all.


camisoles are sleeveless, close-fitting topwear with thin, adjustable straps. they are usually made as delicate undergarments.

tank tops are sleeveless, slightly loose-fitting tops. the thick straps are not adjustable and are attached to the bodice. 

as you can clearly see, camisole vs tank tops is different from each other in more ways than one. right from the material and styling to straps and designs, they have their own features and functionalities.

similarities between cami and tank tops

now that we have mentioned the differences, it is time to ask yourself- is camisole and tank tops are similar? well yes, they definitely have certain similarities which do make people confuse the two and often use their names interchangeably. here are some of the ways which make them similar:

  • both camisoles and tank tops are sleeveless top wear.
  • they are very versatile and hence, you can style them in numerous ways.
  • both of them work as a great layering option, especially during cold or windy days.
  • usually, neither tank tops nor camisoles come with buttons or collars.
  • you can wear them underneath your cardigans, jackets, and shirts.

    these are some of the many ways in which camisoles are similar to tank tops. owing to their visible similarities, there is no wonder why they are often called as ‘cami tank tops’. 

    these pieces of garments are great for wearing in every season but for different reasons. now that you know everything about them, go pick some awesome camis and tank tops for your wardrobe to take your fashion game to the next level.


    1. why is it called camisole?

      the word ‘camisole’ comes from an early nineteenth-century term “camisia”. derived from the late latin language, the word “camisia” means nightgown or shirt. today, camisoles are usually worn as a nightgown or under a shirt or any other layer of clothing.

    2. is tank top same as camisole?

      tank tops have wider straps and serve various different purposes as compared to camisoles. camisoles have very thin straps and are generally worn underneath a shirt, as a layering option. on the other hand, tank tops can be worn alone as well.

    3. can I wear camisole as a top?

      you can wear anything as long as you feel confident in it. although most women wear camisoles under their shirts or blouses, you can also wear it as a top if you want to. accessorize it well, throw in a scarf or shrug and you are good to go.

    4. is bra used under camisole?

      you can wear a bra under your camisoles but keep in mind that the bra straps will show. so, either go for strapless bras or bras with straps that match your skin colour or the cami colour.