you will be shocked to know that more than 75% of indian women shop and wear the wrong size of bras. this is because they are not aware of accurate bra size calculators that can help them drastically. wearing the right bra size is not just important for acquiring the right look but it is also very crucial in making your posture correct as it lends much-needed support to the body.

one of the primary reasons why a lot of women wear an ill-fitting bra is that they don’t know how to measure chest size. in order to know your perfect breast size, the first thing you must do is look for an accurate bra size calculator india. don’t worry. we have got your back. here is the guide that you need to select the perfect bra and use the bra size calculator to figure out your indian cup size.

bust size meaning

when it comes to the bust size, the loose circumference around the chest is measured through the fullest region of your breasts. the bust is measured when you are standing straight and has your arms on the side. wear bra sizes in India that fit you well. the frame or band size is its firm circumference which fits you snugly, not too tightly. it is measured directly under the breasts. this is how you find the bust size in the bra chart india.

overbust meaning

underbust bra infographic

to put it in simple words, overbust is the cup size of your breasts. it is the fullest region of the breast. to measure your bra cup size, you need to know what your overbust size is so that the bra gives an accurate fit. For your convenience, you should convert your small, big or medium size in cm or vice versa. For example, 90 cm bra size means 32 size. 32a bra size means bust size of 32-33 inches.

underbust meaning

women underbust calculator infographic

the underbust is the region right below the breasts where your bra band sits. to measure the bra’s band size, you need to measure your underbust. it covers the region from the middle of the chest to the centre of the spine. it is the area right under where the remaining breast is and is covered by the bra band. You must already know that bra free size meaning in hindi means one size that fits mostly all.

You must ask yourself questions like what a 28a bra size means or how much is s size in cm to educate yourself more about different sizes and bodies. Converting, for example, 32 bra size in cm or 39 inches to cm is quiet easy so you shouldn’t get confused.

how to measure chest size?

measuring boobs size

you should know the basics of bra size such as d cup, m cup, and so on. whether you wear a 36 bra size or a 32 bra size, monitoring the chest size on boob size chart is very crucial in buying the right bra size. you should know the meaning of d cup,36 inches to cm, b cup,34a boobs, and so on. It is always helpful to know how to differentiate a d size bra from an a size.

be it for your fitness routine or for a regular day at the office, wearing the perfect bra is key to good health, comfort and posture. for measuring the chest size, you need to make two measurements: one under your armpits and the second one from the widest region of your chest. here is how to do it:

things you need: an inch measurement scale, a mirror, and a measuring tape.

  • step 1: undress and take off any undergarments or bra that you are wearing. Forget what size of bra you had been wearing, be it a 38 bra size or 32. Start with a fresh mind.

  • step 2: secure your measuring tape right under your armpit. then, move it forward while closing your arm on the measuring tape. next, move your tape up to as further up as possible in your armpit.

  • step 3:  now, wrap your measuring tape all around the front of your chest, under your opposite armpit, as well as around its starting point.

  • step 4: make a note of the circumference of your upper chest. do it after looking at the precise number on your measuring tape from the point where the end touches the beginning of your tape. 

  • step 5: now, hold your measuring tape right over your right nipple.

  • step 6: wrap your measuring tape right over your left nipple and then, start wrapping it around the body. come back for a meeting at the start of your tape.

  • step 7: make a note of the circumference of your lower chest. you can do this by looking at your number on your measuring tape at the point where the end is meeting the beginning of your tape.

by following these steps, you can find out the chest size which will help you in buying the perfect bras for your breasts for optimum comfort, support and look. You can even convert it into a measurement that is more convenient for you, for example, 34 cm to inches.

how to measure bra size?

a lot of women across the globe struggle to find a bra that fits them perfectly. wearing the wrong bra for the indian women boobs without going through an accurate bra size calculator can lead to a lot of issues. if the bra does not fit you well, it will not only make your body posture and shape awkward but also make you look unflattering. bad postures can also lead to back aches in the future which is painful and very dangerous. 

bra size chart

it is very important to know what is a cup size and how to measure yours before buying all sizes or any size of bra. if you feel that the bras which you are currently wearing do not fit you well or you feel uncomfortable in them, it is probably because you are wearing the wrong bra size. here is how to measure bra size:

things you need: an inch measurement scale, a mirror, and a measuring tape.

  • step 1: measure your underbust meaning the band size. for this, start by wrapping the measuring tape snugly under the bust. keep holding it as tight/snug as you want the band to fit your Indian lady boobs. Now, make a note of the number you get on the measuring tape. make sure you write it in centimeters, for example, if it’s 34 inches on the tape, write 34 inches in cm. If it’s a decimal, don’t worry. just round the figure up to its nearest whole number. for example, 85.5cm will be 86cm.

  • step 2: now, measure your overbust meaning the cup size. you can do so by wrapping your tapping around that fullest part of the bust. again, write down the number you get in centimeters and round it up if it’s in decimal, as we did before.

  • step 3: the last step is finding your accurate bra size using a normal or sports bra size chart. you just have to look for your measurements in the boob size chart to find the size easily. 

these are the three steps following which you can conveniently and accurately find your best figure size using the bra size chart india. 

benefits of buying right bra size

anyone who loves their sports bra will know the struggles and ordeals of finding the right size of bra- that one perfect fit which gives you the best coverage and support. truth be told, there are no fixed rules for selecting the right bra. everyone has a different body shape and size. having said that, there are ways using which you can easily find out what bra size will give you the best fit, comfort, coverage, etc. here are the benefits of wearing the right bra size:

  1. buying a comfortable sport bra will improve your posture: the right bra size will ensure that the shoulders are not slouched anymore while also keeping your back straight because of the support it will provide to your chest. the right bra size will neither cinch nor add any extra layer to the regions where you don’t want them.

  2.  it will boost confidence. when you are assured that your bra fits you well, you will no longer be distracted by its presence. you can just focus on being super awesome and fabulous!

  3. it will improve your health. a nice bra which will support your breasts perfectly will not only reduce chest pain and back pain but will also keep skin irritation at bay. this is especially great for people with heavy breasts. trust us on this, a good and well-fitting bra can do wonders for your health.

  4. it will make being active easier for you. be it a day at the gym or an evening in the office, you will feel a significant difference and positive change in your productivity levels when you are wearing the right bra for women. it is also due to the fact that the right kind of bra will not make you uncomfortable or distract you. hence, you will work or be active more easily and with more focus.

  5.  it will improve your outfit. it is actually true when they say that your outfit is incomplete without the right kind of bra to go with it. if you are wearing the perfect bra, it will automatically enhance  your gym wear outfit looks and to a huge extent.

  6. it will improve the shape of the breast. if you wear the right bra in your formative years, it will be very helpful as it plays a significant role in shaping and supporting your breasts without giving you uncovered or transparent boobs.

these are some of the many benefits that the right kind of bra size will offer you.

cons of not having right bra size

The wrong size of bra can cause way more consequences than you can ever imagine. here are some of the many negative impacts that are caused by wearing the wrong bra size:

  1. the wrong size of bra can cause breast pain. one of the very first things that one may notice if they wear the wrong bra size is breast pain. people with bigger breast cup size meaning suffer from this pain more and also those who do not work out often or are premenopausal. if you wear a bra which is too small, it may dig into the boobies meaning it will lead to discomfort and pain. if your bra is too big, it will give a lot of room for your breasts to bounce and jiggle; making them tender and sore.

  2. it can also lead to back pain. some studies suggest that women wearing the wrong bra size can experience back pain as they provide improper support to their breasts. the volume of the bra cup should be corresponding with the volume of the breasts. If you have a persistent backache, the right kind of bra will help you significantly.

  3. women with heavier breasts wearing the wrong bras can experience neck and shoulder pain as well. Bras made for bigger breasts usually come with wider straps for dispersing weight and providing more support. however, these wide straps can actually make your shoulder and neck pain if the fit is not right.

  4. skin chafing and abrasions if your bra is too tight, it will easily cause chafing and skin abrasions as it will keep rubbing against the skin constantly. you may find red lines and itchiness wherever the bra touches or tugs the skin. this will include your back, shoulder, overbust, and underbust.

  5. bras usually sit right on top of the rib cage. if you wear a bra which is too tight, you will feel pain and suffocation in the ribs. you are also likely to feel constricted and uncomfortable and also end up with chafing and abrasions on the skin. stay away from underwire bras as they are regarded s the main culprit for pain linked with the rib cage.

  6. wearing the wrong size of bra can lead to premature sagging of your breasts. bras are made for lifting up the breasts and providing support. however, if you wear an incorrect size, the bra will do just the opposite of what it is designed to do. if it is too big for you, it will make your breasts bounce and move instead of keeping them in place and supporting them fully.

  7. as wearing the wrong bra size can contribute to neck, shoulder, rib, back and breast pain, and it may also lead to bad posture ultimately. the pain might make you hunch forward in order to alleviate it. your bad posture will end up exacerbating your neck, shoulder, rib, breast or back pain and hence, it will be a vicious cycle that nobody wants to be stuck in.

  8. an ill-fitted bra will not just prove detrimental to your health, posture and look, but it will also make you feel embarrassed and in discomfort. your breasts may spill out of the bra, making your outfits fit very awkwardly. not only that, the bra straps digging into the skin will lead to abrasions, redness, chafing, itchiness, and stingy marks on the skin. a loose bra will also make you adjust the band and straps from sliding off again and again.

now that you know the perils of wearing the wrong bra size and the disaster it may cause to you and your skin, health, and posture, it is very important for you to say goodbye to all the wrong bras that you own and figure out the right size of your breasts before investing on new bras for yourself. 

things to remember

apart from measuring your indian round boobs or saggy boobs, you must keep some other things in mind too for selecting the right bra size for your sexy women breasts. some of these points to remember are:

  1. be it a 34 bra size or 38 boobs, you should keep checking your breast size in every 3-6 months ideally.

  2. your indian boobs in bra should be properly covered from the sides as well as the front.

  3. always buy your bras from trusted and reliable brands. one such skin-friendly, value-for-money athleisure brand is aastey. this sustainable indian brand is making headlines with its soft, sustainable, size-inclusive sports bras that come in beautiful colours and are available in a plethora of designs. they are ideal for wearing to the gym or even while you are out and about, running errands. The best part is that all their garments are available in a lot of sizes as they believe in promoting body positivity while working towards reducing their carbon footprint.

  4. the bra straps should not be too tight or too loose. you must invest in the best breast size bras with adjustable straps so that you can elevate them as per your comfort.

  5. the centre gore as well as the bra band should lie flat on the body. it should not feel very suffocating or tight. your perfect boob size will only get the optimum benefits of the bra if only you buy the right size.

  6. while using the measuring tape, if your measurements lie between two sizes, always go for the larger size.

it is important to figure out how to measure indian bra boobs of varying sizes, from bust 36 to 30cm to m. however, that is not enough because the bra size calculator will only tell you the accurate bra size but not which bra type will suit which body silhouette. hence, you must keep other factors in mind as well while buying a bra for 32a boobs, c cups, 36 inch boobs, and so on.