if you are a plus size woman all set to hit the gym, picking the right clothes may be a struggle for you. while finding size-inclusive plus size activewear is a struggle, knowing what exactly to wear to the gym is also important. workout outfits for girls come in a lot of different styles and types. based on your comfort, body type and intensity of work out, you must go for plus size sportwear that ticks all the boxes for you while making you look super awesome.

be it plus size yoga clothes or gym wear for plus size ladies, some factors should always be kept in mind. size, fabric, and purpose and the top three points that you should consider while buying plus size activewear for yourself. while there are a plethora of gymwear outfits in the market, there are some basic activewear pieces that every plus size fitness freak needs in their collection. here are 6 plus size active wear options that every plus size woman should wear to the gym:

6 plus size activewear workout outfits for girls

it is very important to have a gymwear collection if you love to exercise, jog, practise yoga, or cycle. such clothes make physical activities a lot more convenient and also benefit our bodies in more ways than one.

if you are plus size woman just starting out your fitness journey, you must invest in some fundamental plus size activewear that will make your exercise routine a lot more fun, comfortable, stylish and easier. these are ideal for every body type and shape and you can pick what will suit your needs the most.

  1. sports bra

    sports bra for plus size women does wonders in reducing pain and discomfort while working out. they are made for compression and reducing breast movement. they also keep your body breathable and comfortable while preventing breast sagging and injuries. while buying a sports bra as your plus size active wear, keep in mind the intensity of your regular workout. the more involvement of vigour, the more support is needed.

    sports bra

    as these bras help in preventing your breasts from bouncing while you work out, it gives you a better performance. you do not have that constant annoying feeling that your breasts will fall off. wearing a sports bra while working out does not disrupt blood circulation as they don’t have elastic straps, hooks or underwires. they promote better blood circulation while maintaining the breast shape and making you look very stylish and fit.

  2. leggings

    a well-made pair of leggings is one of the best plus size yoga clothes. leggings provide ample comfort and support while moderating your body temperature and keeping you dry. running or working out in leggings gives off a very streamlined profile and reduces friction when you stride.


    soft, simple and sleek, plus size leggings stay in one place while you workout for long hours. you feel unrestricted and agile in such workout outfits for girls. they are good for every weather as they are made of soft, breathable, and lightweight fabric that promotes airflow and keeps you cool. if it wicks sweat, it will keep moisture at bay, making you feel ventilated.

  3. t-shirts

    be it slim fit or plus size gym t shirts, tees always make for fabulous workout wear. they are extremely versatile and you can wear them while working out, playing or even running errands. you can easily style them with your gym shorts or yoga pants to create a fashionable look.

    t-shirts are those workout plus options that make you feel confident and relaxed at the same time. if you are not comfortable wearing tank tops, a tee will be a good gym wear for plus size ladies. you can easily move your waist, arms and shoulders while wearing a tee of the right fit.

  4. jacket

    a jacket is an important plus size sportswear as it lets your body cool down slowly right after an intense workout. it is very important to warm up and cool down your body before and after an exercise regime. a workout jacket keeps the body at a high temperature longer after you stop exercising. the heat nourishes your muscles for a longer time. a slow cool down is needed to avoid the risk of lactic acid build-up, light-headedness, and dizziness.


    a good gym jacket for women will make you sweat more, aiding your body’s natural way of cooling down. it will prevent you from falling sick. lactic acid building up in one region of your muscles can make your muscles sore. a jacket prevents such injuries too. the best part is that jackets look uber cool and stylish while serving all practical purposes.

  5. shorts

    plus size activewear shorts make you feel confident while keeping you comfortable throughout the workout session. moisture-wicking shorts remain dry even when you sweat it out for hours in the gym. this also eliminates the risk of fungus, yeast and bacteria build-up. such plus size sportswear offers immense elasticity and flexibility too.


    a well-fitted pair of shorts is also very sturdy and does not move around when you stretch, run, or exercise. moreover, you can even wear them to run errands as they look very cool and fashionable even when you are not in the gym.

  6. tank tops

    tank tops are great gym clothes for fat ladies, if you buy the right size. they are breathable, lightweight and made of stretchy fabrics that do not restrict movements. they come in a plethora of designs and you can wear them while cycling, working out, practising yoga, or running. they make you feel free and you do not have to worry about your tee going untucked or of too much skin showing.

    tank tops

    tank tops are wonderful gym wear for plus size ladies who hate their shirts getting all the sweat patches. tank tops for plus size women are sleek and remain dry throughout the day.

benefits of exercise outfits for ladies

these days, gym wear brands are getting very creative and inclusive when it comes to plus size activewear and exercise outfits in general. wearing gym workout clothes offers a plethora of benefits while making you look stunning and fashionable even when you are all exhausted and sweaty. here are some of the key benefits of exercise outfits for ladies:

  • make you comfortable

    a workout dress for girl makes the experience of exercising a lot easier and better. if you buy well-fitting gym workout clothes, you can move and stretch your body with utmost ease and comfort.

  • provide support

    support is of primary importance when it comes to exercising. if your gym wear does not offer enough support to the body, your performance in the gym would get affected. gym wear brands produce clothes that are designed specifically for improving comfort and performance while working out. they fit you at the right places and keep your bust, thighs, calves, etc. well-supported throughout your workouts.

  • make you feel confident

    when you wear gym workout clothes that fit you well, you look very attractive and stylish. this gives a quick boost to your confidence and it’s somewhat true that when you look good, you even feel good. an exercise dress for ladies makes you look physically more appealing as compared to your usual clothes.

  • give a professional look

    wearing the right clothes at the right place gives off a well-styled, professional look. for example, if you wear sleek yoga pants to the gym, people will know and respect your dedication for yoga and working out. so, such outfits help you in looking a lot more professional and serious about your health and wellness.

  • keep your body cool

    it can get difficult and even dangerous to work out in hot environments. excessive exposure to heat can lead to a lot of health problems. gym activewear helps your body by giving it superior breathability and ventilation at all times. not only that, most of these clothes are made of lightweight fabrics which help in evaporating sweat faster and keeping your skin cool and dry.

  • keep you warm

    a workout session in cold temperatures can be just as risky as exercising in hot weather. in winter, it becomes all the more important to wear the right outfits to work out. gym wear outfits can help in this by offering insulation and trapping the body heat for longer.

  • apart from all this, gym workout clothes offer a lot more advantages such as keeping chafing at bay, protecting the skin from the harmful uv rays of the sun, keeping your body covered if you feel too body-conscious, etc. make sure to buy a good number of tees, sports bras, and bottoms since gymwear clothes often require frequent washes to avoid sweat and germs to build up on them.

    no fitness lover ever regrets buying gym workout clothes. they always come in handy and you can never have too many of them since they are so useful. if you are wondering if you should invest in good workout clothes, do not ponder anymore. if you want to enhance your performance and look in the gym, invest in a good workout outfit right now!