your style statement for this monsoon season

hey, you!

the monsoon is a beautiful season with rain and lush greenery everywhere, and at this time, it's important to update your appearance and your own style to further enhance both you and the season.

scroll down, aastey tribe! we’ve got some amazing tips for you to keep your fashion high and stay at the top of your style game during this monsoon season!

go all out on colours!

even if you might prefer muted hues, now is the time of year to wear brightly coloured clothing. to stand out from the crowd, choose colours like orange, canary yellow, or fuchsia pink. if wearing such brilliant colours makes you uncomfortable, try a pair of neon-colored socks with unique patterns for a quirky style. 

pick the monsoon-perfect socks

wearing waterproof socks will protect your feet from bacterial infection and keep your feet dry if you are wearing closed-toed shoes during the monsoon. waterproof socks often have a thicker profile than regular socks and feature moisture-wicking and antimicrobial elements.

avoid body-hugging fits

the monsoon season might make you feel sticky and muggy. don't make things worse by donning some tight clothing. choose clothing with free-fitting silhouettes, such as wide-leg pants, palazzos that aren't too tight, and co-ord sets.

make a statement with your umbrella

the days of using umbrellas to guard against rain are long gone. the fashion world is about to be completely taken over by umbrellas, and for good reason, if you look at the present trends. your clothing can look lively and playful by using a fun, vibrant umbrella. in a sea of black umbrellas, carrying a cherry red one will undoubtedly draw attention. selecting an umbrella with childlike prints will allow you to experiment even more. however, if you want to go with something more elegant, consider pastel-colored umbrellas.

accessorise with scarves

layering with scarves is a simple approach to protect oneself while maintaining fashion. try eccentrically patterned scarves over monotone attire to add drama. you can completely alter the appearance of your clothing by choosing the right coloured scarves.

choosing the right attire

the fact that monsoons won't last forever is obvious! avoid wearing jeans, trousers, or dresses that extend past your knees, especially when travelling. instead, opt for non-slip short-hemmed dresses, skirts, and shorts. wear a colourful romper or jumpsuit, which are now popular among the fashionista crowd, to inject some excitement into your look.

fabric plays an important role

it's nearly difficult to step outside during the monsoon season without getting drenched in heavy rain. this is why picking the appropriate cloth is essential. denim and silk clothing should be saved because they take a long time to dry and can potentially get destroyed. when the rainy season starts, use cotton or polyester fabrics because they are not only cosy but also dry quickly.

don't let the rain make you feel down; instead, have fun with your fashion. never forget that a little bit of dressing up can alleviate any mood change.
until next time, folks! happy monsoon! 
live aastey!