You got it; you flaunt it: Why your body is your biggest power?

hey! it’s been a loooong week and the new year isn’t shaping to be as new as we thought. we are, after all, still in a pandemic. all we can do is make the best if what we have right now.

most of the time we are too busy to let our hair down and enjoy the present. to see that the world is a beautiful place that we are just not paying attention to. let’s try to cheer up because this day will never come again.

so let’s head out and paint the town red.  tune in to Beyonce and let your inner goddess come out to play. wear what you want and show that beautiful body to the world. do you know why? because when you hesitate to show your real self, you are not letting the world see how beautiful you are. how sexy you can be

you might ask yourself, “hey! why should I dress and flaunt my body? I don’t need the validations of others.” that, obviously, is completely valid but sometimes its not about others’ validation or rejection. it’s just about us. about that feeling that we can have anything we want.

the power we have locked within ourselves is so immense. all we need to do is unleash it and take a breath of fresh air. in a world where we are constantly struggling to find ourselves, that little breath of fresh air could make us look forward to the future.

it doesn’t matter if you have long legs, or short legs, curves, or no curves. if you have it: you flaunt it because girl you know you can light a fire with what you got and no you don’t need a match.

so, feel sexy, be you, and always take care of yourself.

live aastey!