yoga pants vs leggings - why are they different

when we talk of women’s athleisure wear in today’s time, yoga pants and leggings often come to our minds. while these two are used interchangeably, have you ever thought about the differences between yoga pants vs leggings? they may appear similar but actually, they are not.

we often see girls in yoga pants and leggings jogging in the garden, hitting the gym, or simply strolling through aisles in a grocery store. while these bottoms make for great everyday wear, they also serve certain specific purposes which make them different as well as similar in some ways. we will find out all about yoga pants vs leggings here.

what are yoga pants?

available in a huge range of designs, yoga pants are stretchy, stylish, and very comfortable to wear. the super stretchy fabric ensures ease of movement and flexibility. usually, they are made of nylon, polyester, or any such moisture-wicking fabric ideal for exercise and sports.

they come in a lot of different styles such as knee-length pants, flared bottoms, boot cuts, and so on.  gym yoga pants are so stretchable that while wearing them, you can easily do your split poses, downward-facing dog poses, and even lizard lunges! their sweat-absorbing property will keep your body cool and dry even after an intense workout session.

what are leggings?

leggings are tight-fitting, footless pants that are generally high-waisted. you can wear them to the gym or at home, the office, or wherever you want fashion with comfort. most leggings are made of lightweight and thin fabrics.

from exercise and aerobics to disco dancing and attending indian weddings, leggings are extremely versatile. wear them under your mini skirt and you make them look edgier in an instant, flaunt them with your sports bra at the gym and your body will move smoothly while you work out.

there is a myriad of ways to style leggings with your ensembles which have made leggings an everyday athleisure wear. today, most of these leggings have a high waist, fit snugly to the skin, and end at the ankle or knee. the fabrics used in making them are usually cotton, polyester, nylon, and other such lightweight and comfortable knit materials.

difference between leggings and yoga pants

leggings vs yoga pants

if you keep asking yourself is leggings same as yoga pants, the answer is- no. here are some of the factors that make the two differ from each other.


yoga pants



can be full or ankle-lengthed; with a wide waistband for added comfort and support.

usually, go below the ankles or knees and provides a snug fit to the body.


blend of cotton, polyester, spandex, and other such lightweight and stretchy fabrics. 

blend of cotton, polyester, spandex, and other such lightweight and stretchy fabrics. 


depends on fabrics and brands.

depends on fabrics and brands.


the fabric is very stretchy, making movements easier and the rollover-style thick waistband keeps the pants in place.

although less flexible than yoga pants, leggings are also very stretchable, breathable and comfortable.


depends on fabrics and brands.

depends on fabrics and brands.

intended use

for yoga, and as casual wear and loungewear.

for fitness activities such as workouts, joggings, running, and practising yoga. can also be worn under ethnic wear, and baggy t-shirts.

the main differences between leggings and yoga pants

thanks to athleisure wear and its extreme popularity, there are now a plethora of crossovers between leggings and yoga pants. pants like yoga leggings and sports leggings have hit the market, both of which are essentially the same as yoga pants, just with different names.

let’s dive deeper into the difference between yoga pants and leggings.

  • style
by definition, leggings are supposed to cling to your leg and end either towards the ankle or right below your knee. on the other hand, yoga pants may or may not have loose boot cuts or the famous footless tight variety. they are designed specifically for easy bodily movement during yoga and light exercise, not for your casual day out or lazing at home. you can get leggings in endless styles these days. be it different patterns and colours or the detailing like lace appliqués, bows, and buckles- they come in all designs that you can imagine. apart from movement, these pants also focus on the decorative front of fashion

  • material

yoga pants and leggings both are made with some kind of stretchy material. usually, yoga pants contain a little more durable and thicker fabric than leggings. both of them come are available in cotton knit material blended with nylon knits, polyester knits, and spandex. often, yoga pants feature high-performance sports materials too as it stretches very easily, making movement flexible. their immense elasticity helps in maintaining the shape of the pants even after frequent jogging, hiking, and yoga.

  • durability

as compared to your regular leggings, yoga pants offer much more durability. however, the durability factor largely depends on the type and quality of material/fabric used in making that piece of clothing. cotton leggings are ideal for your gym sessions but they lose shape after prolonged use. this is not the case with yoga pants as they are made of high-performance sports materials. yoga pants also provide better elasticity for longer periods of time than your leggings

  • comfort

when you compare yoga pants vs leggings on the basis of comfort, there are a few factors that come to play. more often than not, leggings are more comfortable than your yoga pants. leggings and yoga pants can both come in lightweight and soft cotton knits. however, yoga pants usually feature a way thicker and more stretchier fabric than leggings. these pants hold up very nicely when you move through your different yoga postures, but the thick fabric makes them less soft compared to the fabric of your leggings.

  • cost

generally, regular leggings are way more affordable than yoga pants. that is quite understandable as athletic wear usually has higher price points than casual wear due to the high-performance materials that go into making the sportswear. having said that, leggings can also be at a steep price if they are made specifically keeping in mind rigorous activities and intense workouts. even if you pay a little out of your budget for the leggings or yoga pants, you buy your money’s worth, especially if they are from a trusted brand. this is because you are not just paying for the fabric but also the durability, purpose, and long life. one pair of good quality yoga pants or leggings will easily lastly you for months at end, depending on the type of use.

  • intended use

yoga pants vs leggings have different purposes as they are designed for different intended uses. yoga pants are made for performing yoga with ease flow and movement. leggings, on the other hand, are more versatile and can be worn for a lot of different reasons. while regular leggings can make light exercises feel like a breeze, they may not last you a yoga session as they are not as stretchy as yoga pants. on the other hand, while you can wear yoga pants for your gym sessions and yoga practice, you can’t pair them with your everyday topwear and call it a day. you can wear leggings all day and even at home, but yoga pants may not feel as comfortable after a few hours, because of their thick material.

these are some of the basic things that differentiate yoga pants from leggings. while the differences are subtle and may go unnoticed, they are important to look at, especially if you are buying them for an intended purpose.

which should you choose?

both leggings and yoga pants serve different purposes and you do not have to make a choice between the two. you need both of them in your wardrobe and that will just make your life easier.

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  1. are leggings the same as yoga pants?
  • no, leggings and yoga pants differ in terms of their intended use, stretchability, and types of fabrics.
  1. can you wear leggings for yoga?
  • as yoga involves a lot of flexible and flowy movements of the body, leggings may not be the best choice. yoga pants are more stretchable than leggings and make for better wear for yoga.
  1. can you wear workout leggings as pants?
  • as most of the workout leggings are versatile in their nature and appearance, they can be worn as regular pants too.