winter dullness? we’ve got you covered

are you hugging your blanket like it’s your new best friend? well, stack on those extra layers because the winters are finally here

there are so many things about the winters that we like: an early morning hot chocolate, huddling around the fire (or the heater) for movie time or just that extra reason to cozy up with your date.

but there is one annoying thing that comes with winter: dull dry skin.

so here are a few tips worth trying to keep that summer glow. don’t you worry, you will start glowing like the true north you are in no time.

it feels like the sunshine 

a sure way of brightening your skin is with vitamin c. vitamin-c products work like a glow filter wrapped up in a bottle. The antioxidants in vitamin c will protect your skin from any damage from sun’s ultraviolet rays, makes your skin younger and lightens any dark spots.

the exceptional exfoliation

dull skin can be a result of dead cells building on your skin’s surface. exfoliate and feel clean and refreshed. along with the refreshing feel, you will get that glowing clear skin

the workout glow

before all the face packs and moisturizers, there is the evergreen workout glow. try it yourself. have a workout or aerobics session and witness first-hand your rousing glow. but if the winter chills are making you too lazy, then just get your glow with a satisfying sauna.

soak in the sun  

you can always just sit in the chill and bask in the sunlight. but make sure you don’t forget spf. sunlight is the best way to soak in that glorious natural vitamin-d that is essential for healthy skin. but a balancing act between the sun and sunscreen is mandatory to protect your skin. 

mask on

no matter what you do, the dry winter air is bound to irritate your sensitive skin. just relax with a hydrating face mask for ultimate bliss.

avoid hot showers

while it's most tempting to jump in a hot shower, it could  further dry your skin, you should instead opt for lukewarm showers instead of the scalding hot ones. 

the coming of winters and the dry irritating skin that greets us makes the season much less appealing. these tips can finally let you enjoy the cozy winters without losing your natural glow.