why are monsoons the season of romance?

hello tribe!

imagine yourself walking through the lanes of marine drive. the rain is gushing through the skies tremendously, and the strong wind sweeps off your umbrella. you panic instantly and start shivering, but you see, from far away, a boy rushingly approaching you, and as he comes closer to you, he covers you with the umbrella he carried. you both lock eyes and just enjoy the moment that is taking place. yes, this appears to be a film, particularly a bollywood film, as something so romantic is almost unrealistic. but why not create it in real life too? here are a few ways in which you can create a romantic moment and atmosphere with your partner.

reruns of old rom-coms

what’s more romantic than snuggling under a blanket and watching a nostalgic film? we especially love romcoms like jab we met, wake up sid, life in a metro, and countless other movies that beautifully capture the true spirit of a monsoon romance.

having a cup of chai or coffee

sharing a cup of chai and coffee should definitely be a love language! having a long and deep conversation on your balcony while watching the mesmerising rainfall and sipping the hot beverage that has been prepared.

jamming to music

dancing or vibing to music is always and definitely the best way to create a romantic atmosphere. especially when vibing to old songs that remind you of the good old days, it makes things even more special.

dancing in the rain

the most special thing to do with your partner is dance carefreely and crazily with them while the rain is pouring down. dancing in the rain has always been romanticised in films, especially the movie jab we met, where we see the iconic rain dance scene. after that scene, it made every couple want to recreate it.

long drives

just two people sitting in silence, enjoying each other’s company and vibing to slow and romantic music and hearing and watching the rain drip. they say that when you find the right one, your silence becomes less awkward.

cooking for each other

since many prefer to stay home and food delivery is not accessible everywhere due to the heavy rain, couples tend to cook at home, and this act of service is a top-tier romantic gesture.

hog on street food!

having street food during the rainy days is another fun activity to do with your partner. come on! who can resist the delicious samosas, bhajiyas, sandwiches and lots more? sharing and eating together is definitely the most romantic thing to do in our book.

until next time folks! have an amazing monsoon!

live aastey!