Living in a pandemic means engaging with a limited number of people. Those people tend to be our family and a few close friends. However, unlike during the plague, we’ve been lucky to live in the age of the internet. Various OTT platforms give us the opportunity to spend time with many more (albeit fictional) people. This Father's Day, let's remember all the TV show fathers who have made us laugh and, at times, reminded us of our own.

The first character is, of course, everyone's favorite, Phil Dunphy, from Modern Family. With his approachable yet goofy attitude, he’s a dad that everyone wants. You can count on him to have your back but also start a nerf war. 

Although not Blair's biological father, Cyrus Rose from Gossip Girl is as perfect as it gets. With his witty sense of humor, unending love and incredible knowledge of the law, he’s a dad you want on your side. (especially when your boyfriend pushes his evil father off the roof and the police are hunting you down) 

You can't discuss TV show fathers without mentioning Jack Pearson from This Is Us. a father so great that people mourned him for years to come. A father who risked his life for his children and taught the world that when life gives you the source of lemons, you can still make something resembling lemonade. 

Circling back to Modern Family, we have Mitch and Cam, two fathers unlike each other yet raising a wonderful, independent daughter. 

Sandy Cohen from The OC has the biggest heart of them all. He raised Seth and welcomed a troubled Ryan into his home. He’s forgiving and understanding. He indulges in Chrismukkah and all of the teenage drama that surrounds his boys. He also wins points for making the best bagels. 

Forever an optimist Johnny Rose will find a solution to any problem. He will do anything for his family, including trying to turn an all but dead town into something beautiful. 

Today, aastey and the world are celebrating fathers all over. There is no perfect father. They are just people, trying to raise their kids to be the best that they can be.

So here’s to celebrating all fathers, step fathers, adoptive fathers, fathers in heaven, and even pet dads. Thank you for the reality checks, Sunday fundays and always being our knights in shining plaid.