where to travel in delhi on a rainy day

hello tribe! hope this monsoon season is treating you well

delhi does not constantly experience extreme temperatures but the city also experiences some really mesmerising rainy days. with the exception of the traffic jams, the brief monsoon in delhi is nothing short of a celebration. families enjoy themselves, friends get together, and kids play in the rain on the streets. you don't really need to worry about places to visit because the city has so much to offer during the monsoon season. 

the delhi monsoon has some beautiful destinations which offer you fantastic experiences that will keep you waiting for the rains every year. here are some recommendations from our side!

safdarjung tomb

'safdarjung ka maqbara' is a garden tomb in new delhi, india, made of marble and sandstone. it was built in the late 18th century as a mausoleum of safdarjung, a statesman who remained the wazir ul-hindustan (prime minister of india) during the reign of ahmad shah bahadur. this mausoleum built by safdarjung’s son nawab shujaud daula remains the last monumental garden tomb depicting mughal architectural style. this historical monument has remained a popular tourist spot attracting both indian and foreign tourists visiting the capital city of india.

red fort complex

the red fort is regarded as the pinnacle of mughal artistry, which was elevated to a new degree of sophistication under shah jahan. the palace was designed using islamic models, yet each pavilion has architectural features typical of mughal construction, indicating a synthesis of persian, timurid, and hindu traditions. the red fort in delhi is a timeless monument that has withstood the test of time and continues to enchant visitors year-round.

qutub minar

with a height of 72.5 metres, qutub minar can brag of being one of the tallest minarets in the world. qutab-ud-din aibak constructed what is regarded as the country's first mosque in 1192, heralding the entry of muslim monarchs. although there are other opposing theories on the same, as well. 

qutub minar is surrounded by a lovely garden, creating a sight to behold. tourists come here to unwind and take in the garden's commanding view of the minaret.

purana qila

purana qila, also known as the old fort, is a masterpiece of the splendour and fine architecture of the bygone mughal empire, standing stoically in the serene area of indraprastha. 

the fort, which lies in the centre of the city and has an exquisite view which exudes romance and tranquility.

lodhi gardens

in the core of delhi, there is a large park called lodhi gardens. along with other buildings, it is home to the mausoleums of two delhi sultanate emperors, mohammed shah and sikander lodhi. the park and the buildings inside it reflect the national capital's legendary tryst with history while boasting stunning architecture and exquisite natural beauty. lodhi gardens is a popular tourist destination in delhi because of its roughly 500-year-old architectural legacy and tranquil, natural surroundings.

india gate

the 42-meter-tall india gate, which resembles the "arc de triomphe," is located in the middle of a crossroad in new delhi. india gate is impressively floodlit at dusk, and the surrounding fountains put on a wonderful show with coloured lights. a large area of lush, green meadows surrounds the massive tower, making it a popular picnic location. on warm evenings, crowds of people may be seen walking about the area that is well-lit.

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