it’s the last day of the year and we are getting ready to welcome the new year. While the year was better than 2020, things are hardly back to normal. With the increase in covid cases and the imposition of curfews, you may decide not to go out.

but watching movies with your loved ones is one of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve. it’s difficult to find a good film from all the choices we have. so, we decided to help you out and make a recommendation list for you. enjoy!

death to 2021

this follow-up to death to 2020 is as hilarious as the previous one. how does one cope with the crazy year that was if not by laughing? there are some fictional characters who sum up the year for you.

let’s hope that the dark humour eases us into the next year; hoping against all hope that we wouldn’t need another special for the next year.  


why not start the new year with a dystopian future movie? and one of the best in this category is the Chris Evans-starrer Snowpiercer. the movie follows a group of people trying to survive an ice age while being confined to a train.

despite the deadly conditions outside, the people on the train are segregated with the poor people crammed into the back of the train as the rich enjoy the luxury of the front cars.

the lost daughter

this Olivia Colman starrer is the perfect movie if you like mysteries and are spending a quiet new year. it’s releasing on New Year’s Eve. add it to your reminders list and enjoy a thriller with some of the most anticipated performances.

when harry met sally

if you are obsessed with rom-coms or if you are just looking for a romance tailor-made for New Year’s Eve, then you have to watch this classic comedy. this movie follows the titular characters harry and sally in a whirlwind of will-they-won’t-they romance. find out if the new year brings a happy ending for them.

money train


Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, and a crazy heist. this sounds like the perfect adventure action-comedy for New Year’s Eve, especially when the heist is set in the backdrop of New Year’s Eve.

we hope you enjoy one of these movies on New Year’s Eve. If not, feel free to send us your recommendations and tag us @liveaastey.

be happy and have a safe new year.

take care and live aastey!