what is eco-grief and how is it affecting our mental health?

hey tribe!

we hope you are having a good weekend. we always talk about how we have treated our planet and how it is going to affect us in the coming future. climate change and its consequences can literally destroy our homes and livelihoods. it just the beginning of us facing consequences for taking undue liberties on how to treat this giant beautiful enigma of a world. we always talk about the physical aspect of environmental destruction. so, today let’s talk about mental trauma and grief.

what is eco-grief?

anywhere we look, we see the signs of decay and destruction. newspapers and IPCC reports telling us that the end is near. most of us end up feeling helpless and worried because we know that we are writing our own doom. this feeling of grief related to worries about the state of the world’s environment is known as eco or ecological grief. reports are showing that these feelings are having a negative impact on our mental health, especially when natural disasters wreck communities and livelihoods.

but why are we calling it grief? it could just be feeling sad or upset. scientists believe that this feeling is much more than that. this grief is associated with loss of ecosystem, loss of species and loss of beautiful landscape due to our actions. it is also associated with a loss of identity for many indigenous communities.

how to cope with eco-grief?

it is difficult to recognize ecological grief and therefore, much more difficult to deal with it. so here are some ways to cope with it:

connect with people

knowing that you are not alone is a very strong way to feel connected to yourself and to others. you can become part of a group and even find support groups that specifically deal with eco-grief.


coping with grief is a difficult and emotional process and therefore needs self-exploration and expression to heal and move on. so, take some time to indulge in activities like writing, painting, singing or photography to let your emotions flow through you. art therapy and creative writing has been fundamentally good in dealing with eco grief.

be in control of what you can

take some time to figure out what you can do to feel more in control of the situation. you could write a letter to your legislative representative, volunteer or make changes in your lifestyle. while making these changes, you must believe that you are doing what you can, and it might make you feel less helpless and sad.

be part of nature

we have talked before about how being in nature can be very beneficial to your mental health. taking a walk in the park or tending to a garden can be good for your mental well-being.

so, have a good weekend.

take care of yourself.

hope is if we believe in it.
until next time, live aastey.