what is a capsule wardrobe and why you should have one?

hey tribe!

there are days when choosing an outfit for the day could seem like a very difficult task. honestly, some days we wake up to find that I am comfortable wearing nothing in the wardrobe. you might feel frustrated or even exhausted to try and come up with refreshing ways to dress yourself every day. we want to tell you that it is completely normal and you are not alone at all.

there is a simple solution to this problem: build yourself a capsule wardrobe.

having doubts? let’s find out what is a capsule wardrobe and why you should invest in having one.

what is a capsule wardrobe?

a capsule wardrobe is just a limited selection of clothes that complement each other so you don’t have to take a long time to select your clothes for the day. they would often include timeless pieces and would mostly comprise neutral colours. this basically means that you can create various outfits with a handful of clothes.

why should you bother to invest in a capsule wardrobe?

here are a few reasons why you should invest in a capsule wardrobe:

less time worrying about what to wear

do you know what is decision fatigue? our brains are equipped with making a limited number of decisions. one too many decisions can overwhelm and tire us. so having a select number of clothes that go well together can eliminate one decision from your hectic day.

saves time

if you invest in curating a wardrobe, then you will not have to waste a lot of time thinking about what to buy. you don’t have to tirelessly scroll through to order what you want because you would already know what you want. now, that would save a lot of time!


less is more. that is the mantra for leading a more sustainable life. if you have a wardrobe with timeless pieces then you will avoid buying clothes that you don’t need. those who choose to create a capsule wardrobe can also invest in good quality clothes that can last longer. this inevitably defeats the cycle of fast fashion.

less expenses

if you know what to buy, you will obviously be able to save a lot more money. if you can mix and match your clothes in different ways then you will wear them multiple times without having to throw them after wearing them a few times.

less stress

hey, don’t we all want less stress in our lives, especially when it comes to dressing up? a capsule wardrobe can help to lessen the stress of selecting clothes, maintaining, repairing, and travelling with them.

these are the reasons we think you should definitely think of building a capsule wardrobe. hope it helps you to take the first step.

we will see you soon!

until next time, live aastey!