what does india eat in the monsoon season? lets have a look

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what could be more delightful during the monsoon rains than cuddling up on the couch with a good book or movie and some warming soul food?

there are monsoon foods available for every mood, whether you are in need of warming drinks to sip, delicious munchies to snack on, or a homely supper. here are some amazing recommendations for you to have the best monsoon bites!


bhutta is the most widely used variety of the crop in india. it is roasted over an open flame and later covered in butter and spices, and provides warmth during the chilly months. the monsoon weather feels more magnificent with a bhutta. the aroma adds an old-world elegance as butter drips down the yellow with a dash of lime to provide some zing.


the combination of ghee, flour, and sugar has evolved through time from being a classic sweetmeat to winning the hearts of indians all around the country. this honeycomb-shaped disc-like sweet gives you the calories you need to keep your body warm and support digestion throughout the monsoon season.

bombil bhujna

the bombay duck, which can be used in numerous recipes due to its versatility, has traditionally been considered the pride of maharashtra. this coriander and green chili-infused fish marinade is a tribute to the monsoon weather. this is a dish that seafood lovers simply cannot pass up.


this one tops off the list, undoubtedly. the rainy season in india is incomplete without a steaming hot plate of pakodas. it is usually deep fried in gram flour consisting of several veggies and spices which makes it too delicious! they are the greatest pleasure for a rainy day and are typically served with sweet and spicy chutneys.

kadak chai 

it is practically impossible to conclude a list of soul foods without mentioning a cup of kadak chai! no other beverage can match up to a cup of tea while it is raining heavily around. we’re sure you guys will agree on this. it works like a charm and is a great stress reliever. it begins with a standard step, dipping tea leaves in milk and water but the key element is the addition of spices. the beverage is enhanced by the flavour and captivating smell of ginger, cardamom, and tulsi.

vada pav

there’s nothing in the world that cannot be fixed by a hot crispy vada pav! it’s an extremely popular roadside fast food dish from maharashtra. a dish so basic, yet so necessary. similar to a desi burger, a patty (vada) consisting of mashed potatoes and spices is cooked in gram flour batter and placed between two buns. this easy maharashtrian dish is a vital addition to this list because it is immensely delicious.


rains + samosa = absolute bliss

these flour pieces are folded neatly into pockets, loaded with filling, then deep-fried. you can use whichever filler you like. some states have a tradition of filling samosas with potatoes and spices, while others usually use a variety of minced meats. the dish is delicious when chutney is added liberally, especially the crispy corners.

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