what can you do with your mum to make her feel special?

hey tribe!

it’s Mother’s Day! we are sure you have planned something amazing but that doesn’t stop us from giving some suggestions.

before you say that we don’t need a yearly reminder to celebrate our mothers. they should be celebrated every day. we get it. we do. however, despite all our beautiful declarations, we do end up taking our strong and caring mothers for granted. unconsciously? sure. but it does happen.

that is why when the day does come to celebrate her love, we should go all in. right? yes! we agree!!

so, here are some activities that you can do with your mom to make her feel special and loved.


all moms love shopping without doubt. there is nothing more real than going on a splurge together with your mom. take her to the mall and get her everything she wants. she will keep saying she doesn’t need anything. don’t listen to her. she is secretly loving it.


instead of just giving her a gift certificate to go for a relaxing spa day, join her as her gossip partner as you chill and talk about random neighbours and relatives that you might not even know. (shhh…don’t let her figure that out.)

Netflix and chill

lounge on the sofa and watch movies/shows with comfort food in one hand and warm hot chocolate in another. you know she just wants a quite day with you above all else and she will love it.

we hope you had a lovely weekend. tell us how you celebrated your mothers day by tagging us @liveaastey.

happy Mother’s Day!

take care. live aastey.