what can you do with old socks?

has this ever happened to you when you have opened the drawer and found worn out socks and didn’t know what to do with them? some have holes and some just aren’t good enough to wear any longer. so, let’s find the answer to this simple yet complicated question.

now, we have talked about second-hand thrift shopping and reselling clothes, but no one really wants to buy old socks, no matter how fancy. so how to solve this strange conundrum?


If you are thinking of donating your socks, then make sure they are in good condition. if you donate socks with holes in them, they will definitely go directly in the trash.


you can always use your old and mismatched socks to do other more useful things. wrap your valuables in socks and safely cushion your fragile objects while travelling. you will also save a lot of plastic and paper that makes this even more sustainable. there are multiple more options like making a bird feeder or you can just cut off the foot portion and turn them into shiny new leg warmers.


when nothing else works, you can always take out your sewing kit and give your socks a new life by mending them. it's quick, it's easy and gives you a chance to put your rusty sewing skills to the test.


many of us have woollen socks that are not feasible to wear after a few years. if you have been wondering what to do with your old socks that are made of natural fibres like organic cotton, hemp, wool, cashmere, or linen, then you can bring these fibres back to the nature with composting. make sure you have removed all materials like lace and such that are non-degradable.

so, here are a few ways you can do something other than just throwing out your socks in the bin. instead of your socks landing in landfills and polluting the environment, repurposing socks can be a small way we can make a huge difference.

until next time, live sustainable.

live aastey!