what are twilight zones and why is meditation recommended in these hours?

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does your mind wander often? do you feel like you cannot concentrate no matter how much you try? what most of us donโ€™t get that its not about how much effort we put in but about how much we are allowing ourselves to be absolutely still without overthinking and over analysing every second of our lives.

it is hard to be in peace with yourself especially with the distractions and chaos that our everyday lives bring along with it. but there are ways and specific hours that can help you be calmer.

one of those hours is known as the twilight hour.

what is twilight hour?

the twilight hour is mostly referred to the time before sunrise and after sunset, when the sky is still illuminated by the sun and not totally dark.

it is believed that spiritually it is the best time for meditation and feeling in peace with yourself: mind, body, and soul.

why should you meditate in the twilight hour?

as children, we are often asked to wake up before the sun rises because it is one of the best times to experience nature. in Scandinavian countries, the twilight hour is considered to be a sacred time to observe silence and witness the sunlight fading away along with your worries and negativity.

this is why yoga experts believe that this is one of the best times to calm your mind and meditate. the wandering thoughts gradually fade away with the fading sun.

twilight hour in Indian music

Indian classical music assigns specific ragas to the time we call twilight before sunrise and at dusk. these ragas, referred to as sandhi prakash ragas are ragas that are played by musicians at those specific times in observance of the silence and reflection in the atmosphere.

so maybe take 5 minutes out from your busy schedules to meditate in the evening right before the evening arrives. you can easily google and find out the best suitable hour at your place.

we really hope this works because you deserve a break because #livessatey is all about getting you there.ย 
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