What about plus-size men? Why is the fashion industry hesitating?

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we often hear the term, “why should boys have all the fun?” it basically means that women have the right to do everything that men do. work. party. drive a scooty. live the way they want. you know, all the basic stuff that women are told they are not good enough for.

wondering where we are going with this? well, the fashion industry has made a lot of progress in bringing size inclusivity to the mainstream. but there is still one thing that’s been bugging us. where are all the men?

over the last two to three years, women like Alva Claire, and Ashley Graham have become the symbols of size inclusivity shifting the gears of the standards of acceptance. but, according to vogue business, only 7 out of 77 brands across the autumn/winter 2022 menswear season featured curve men. further, none of these brands – Casablanca, Magliano, Maison Mihara, Yasuhiro, Kidsuper, Études, and Doublet – is a major name in the fashion industry.

what is holding back the industry?

some industry experts say that there is a perceived notion in the industry that there is a lack of demand for plus-size men’s clothing. this leads to an obvious lack of size ranges in collections. but, maybe, some change is happening. plus-size model Steven G started with Rihana’s men’s lingerie launch campaign and has now featured in Nike, Lululemon, and Haimler.

the size-inclusive-plus-size clothing industry is worth billions of dollars. according to research, around 21% of the total women’s apparel market in the united states is represented by plus-size apparel. It is hard to believe that men do not want in on the action. if there is not enough representation, then the industry cannot presume that there isn’t enough demand. the men’s lingerie campaign that Rihanna launched was sold out in 12 hours.

the clothes we wear are often an expression of who we are. a window into our identity. the fashion industry has great power in shaping perspectives of gender, equality, and size inclusivity. this great power does put a greater responsibility on the industry to do something; to break the barriers and the bias.

it's the next step and we have to take it together. 

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