Top cocktail recipes for a rainy day

hey tribe!

how is the monsoon season treating you because it is pouring out here? if you are stuck at home because of an orange alert or the monsoon weather is making you feel damp and cold, then let’s make some cocktails that will warm you from head to toe in an instant or cool you down.

here are a few recipes for making your impromptu indoor stay a festive occasion:

Hot Tea Toddy

let’s start with something warm and soothing because we know rainy days can get super chilly. get yourself a hot tea toddy to feel like someone is wrapping a blanket around you. so, let’s get to it.

Let the mixing begin

get a whiskey that preferably has notes of cinnamon and anise (any whiskey is fine btw).

mix 1 ½ ounce of the whiskey with a few squeezes of lemon juice. now that this is done, fill the rest of your mug with classic brewed tea. sweeten the toddy with sugar if you want and enjoy the warmth with some cinnamon sticks on the side.

Mulled Wine

get yourself all cosy with this classic drink. if you are in a mood for a movie then, prop yourself on the sofa with this fantastic drink.

Let the mixing begin

get your favourite bottle of red wine and pour it in a slow cooker. add some cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, and orange rounds. sweeten the mixture with a few tablespoons of honey.

let the mixture cook on low heat for at least 15 minutes. if you are still not feeling satisfied, you can add a little bourbon or brandy in it.

(hot tip: if you keep it for longer…it becomes spicier so decide according to your tastebuds.)

Dark and Stormy

imagine thunder and lightning lighting up your night sky as you sit covered in your blanket watching your favourite show. the only thing missing here is a drink suiting the weather outside. so set aside your usual colourful margaritas and introduce yourself to the national drink of Bermuda, known as Dark and Stormy. Yes, a fitting name for the perfect weather, especially if the rains have made the weather outside humid and sticky.

Let the mixing begin

take one-part dark rum (as dark as you can go here) and mix it with four parts ginger beer. finally garnish with lime and pour over ice cubes to enjoy this smooth and sexy drink.

Blood Orange Margarita

speaking of colourful margaritas, we can end no list without mentioning this gorgeous of a drink. its cool, its tangy and its perfect for getting your gloomy mood up to 100 while it’s pouring outside like there is no tomorrow. so get your glasses and zing yourself with some flavour and colour

let the mixing begin

first, juice one blood orange and after you are done with that, just combine it with 2 ounces of silver tequila with a teaspoon of sugar. shake it in a shaker full of ice for half a minute and then strain it. voila, your drink is ready!!!

what do you like to drink when rain has stopped you from enjoying the outside? do you go for hot tea and hot chocolate or make things a little spicier? let us know if you tried any of the above drinks and if you have any favourites of your own by tagging us on Instagram @liveaastey.

until next time, live aastey.