top 6 places to visit in monsoon in India

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its the monsoon season!

for many of us, the ideal way to experience the monsoons is from the comfort of our homes, along with some chai and pakoras. even while it may be tempting to stay inside at this time, rain brings out a new kind of beauty in the outdoors. our country has a lot to offer at this time of year, including fantastic food, breathtaking hikes, and magnificent waterfalls.

here are some beautiful destinations for the best monsoon experiences in india!


Lonavala is one of the most beautiful hill stations close to mumbai and is located in the sahyadri mountains, around 65 km from pune and 80 km from mumbai. this small hill town has served as the ideal retreat for lovers of the mountains and monsoons as it’s draped in a blanket of tranquillity and is largely shrouded in a layer of mist during monsoon.


this monsoon destination is just a 5-hour drive from mumbai. it is the ideal vacation for all the romantics. enjoy the rain while sheltering under an umbrella and fill up on the delicious sweet corn growing by the hill. heavy rains that sweep the city during this time of year make the greenery appear even more vibrant and lovely. significant temperature drops occur, and the weather is also likely to become chilly, rainy, and hazy. every year, there are 10 to 12 days in july with non-stop rain and it’s the best time to take in some natural beauty.


a famous name for kodaikanal is "the princess of hill stations." it certainly takes this title literally, too! the landscape, which is centred on an extraordinary star-shaped lake, radiates a surreal charm. the region sparkles with grace, whether it's sunny or rainy! it follows that it is not weird that people go great distances to experience its natural splendour. this hill station in south india has a lot to offer throughout the year. guests explore a wide range of offerings, from history of culture, art and recreation.


it is one of the most well-known hill stations in south india and is adorned by patches of aromatic spice and green tea plantations. although this small town is a popular tourist destination all year round, monsoon is the perfect time to go since the town is covered in the first raindrops and the green plantations provide spectacular views. therefore, if you're going to travel to coorg during the monsoon, be sure to take in the most scenic views that this heaven has to offer as well as memories that you'll cherish forever.


spend a relaxing vacation in the great outdoors by escaping the scorching heat and taking in munnar's serene beauty during the monsoon season! the charming vision of munnar is created by the lush green valleys, majestic waterfalls and lakes. this enchanting destination in south india is a popular vacation spot for tourists who want to spend a week immersed in nature's tranquillity.


you can take a stroll through the lovely green surroundings and tall trees at lansdowne, a small hill station in the garhwal region of the indian state of uttarakhand. just witnessing the breathtaking scenery after rain is worthwhile.

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