tips for travelling safely in monsoon

hello aastey tribe! we hope you’re doing good in this cosy weather.

monsoon season is the most awaited time of the year as it brings drops of absolute bliss for everyone on this planet. beginning in mid-june, this season's drizzle and charm mesmerise people until September. rain lovers are obsessed with slurping piping-hot tea and eating delicious pakoras. it makes sense that everyone enjoys a good monsoon, from farmers to poets and romantics.

everyone simply loves the monsoon! however, if you don't put safety first, when planning long trips during the Indian monsoon season, you could suffer some serious consequences.

So here are some essential travel tips for the monsoon to keep yourself safe!

check the destination’s weather forecast 

Checking the weather forecast for the destination is vital because the majority of Indian territory is immersed in relentless rain. States like Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh receive a lot of rainfall, and as a result, the likelihood of a landslide and cloudburst is very high. Make sure to check the forecast three to five days before and after the scheduled departure date. You wouldn't want to suffer from mountainous downpours.

carry a mini first aid kit 

Before you leave on your trip, make sure you have a first-aid kit, insect repellents, prescription tablets, and other necessities for your medications. 

There is a potential that some unwanted guests will show up when you are camping in the middle of nature, especially in low-altitude places and during the monsoon. So, in addition to the usual medications in your travel pack, include everything you'll need to turn them away.

pack smart and stock up on surplus supplies 

You will inevitably become wet. Your possessions will get drenched. There isn't much you can do about that, so don't worry about it. Pack goods that will keep you and your stuff dry in the rain. If you're out shopping in a market and the skies open up, have a lightweight jacket that repels water and is simple to fold up and carry in a bag. Your possessions and clothing will stay dry as you move from place to place if you use waterproof bags for travel and daily activities. A trustworthy travel umbrella is necessary. Choose a cellphone case or watch that can withstand water. You might avoid having to replace your technology and from missing a connection by making this simple investment! 

Carry some long-lasting, dry foods like biscuits, cup noodles, and nuts that provide you immediate energy. When the sun sets and you accidentally end up in a dark cave or something, a flashlight and extra batteries will be your heroes. henceforth, pack smart!

power up during the downpour 

Carrying chargers and power banks is necessary and may even save your life. Keep a few additional batteries on hand if you are carrying any battery-powered equipment. It will help you for a very long time.

keep a saviour toolkit ready

Swiss knives, ropes, scissors, tapes, adhesives, and screwdrivers are all essential items to have in an emergency toolkit, especially if you enjoy adventure sports or find yourself in severe storms on rocky terrain.

don’t eat street food 

While it is not always easy to find hygienic meals, it is also not completely impossible if you are well-prepared. You can avoid starvation by carrying some hot water and ready-to-eat food. Under its alluring layers, street food conceals some deadly bacteria. You run the danger of contracting food poisoning, diarrhoea, pollution, and other health problems if you choose to consume street food and water from locations that have been exposed to rain and become contaminated as a result.

stay safe and live aastey, folks!