movies not only depict our society, but they also inspire us to be better, to be more present and aware of our surroundings.

so, here is a selection of classic movies that will make you want to live more sustainably and strive to be more conscious.

princess Mononoke (1997)

you just cannot miss the renowned master storyteller hayao Miyazaki’s awe-inspiring animated world of princess mononoke. it is a telling tale of technology's interaction with nature and the fears of stripping our planet from all that's beautiful

with the march of the iron age, the fears and sensibilities of the protagonist are tied to the age-old conflict between man and nature. you will not witness something more visually spectacular and spiritually moving than this masterpiece of a film. 

erin brockovich (2000)

if you are into legal dramas and feel like getting inspired by a real-life story, then look no further than the amazing story of erin brockavich who discovers groundwater contamination by an oil and gas giant and fights for the residents who have been plagued by a decade long cover-up. if you are looking for some rare environmental justice, then here you will find it.

but if you have watched erin brockavich and are looking for a very similar vibe, then the mark ruffalo starrer dak waters will render you speechless as you figure out how we are all being slowly poisoned. it is exactly as scary as it sounds. 

wall-e (2008)

hey, if you consider yourself an environmentalist and still haven’t seen wall-e, then that could be a serious error in judgement on your part. incredible is an understatement for this animated roller coaster ride with the adorable wall-e to literally bring back life on earth.

it paints a very real picture of what will happen if we continue consuming at the pace we are. the movie will just leave you wanting to see the life that we take for granted from a newer perspective. 

avatar (2009)

no movie with the message of "being one with nature" has gone as big as the james cameron directed avatar. yes. you guessed it right. it's avatar. in all honesty, the movie has much to critique, like its heavy-handed speeches, seeing the indigenous people from a colonial lens and having a "white messiah", a stranger from the outer world, saving the "common people."


however, one cannot ignore the magnificent landscape, tying it to our deeper connection to the natural world. for that experience alone, a one-time watch is definitely recommended.

the road (2009)

this dystopic adaption of cormac mccarthy’s novel is a stark exploration of what happens when all that is beautiful on this earth withers away. the chaos, the hunger, the cold, and the darkness—it is all there in a perfectly packaged horror movie that will leave you thinking about our future.

well, there you go. here are the best picks to start you on a path of being more aware. the journey won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

live sustainable! live aastey!