this valentine’s day, choose to buy sustainable flowers

hey tribe!

it’s valentines’ week and we are just as excited as you are.

but there are some things about this celebration of love that we want to change and the first thing we want to start with is being able to source ethical and sustainable flowers.

you must be thinking, “wait, even giving flowers is unsustainable.” we know how important flowers are for the perfect valentine’s day. yes, well. it’s hard and we know how hard it is to get everything right. but we can at least try, right?

What is wrong with the flower industry?

the rise in demand during holidays makes it so that the florists do not source the flowers sustainably. most of these flowers are imported from different countries for a range of varieties. so, what’s wrong with the flower industry.

In the USA alone, the flowers industry is a 55-billion-dollar industry. Most of them are sourced from other parts of the world and the negative impacts of transporting and growing these flowers are greater than you might realize.

firstly, the water usage for keeping up with the demand for these flowers is immense. Kenya is one of the countries where flowers are exported. According to research, more than half of the water from Lake Naivasha in Kenya is extracted for growing flowers.

secondly, the carbon emissions from refrigeration to transportation have a high cost for the environment. moreover, the pesticides used to treat these imported flowers can be very harmful to your health and the environment.

so, now that we have laid out the problem, let’s get to the part of the solution. after all, not having any flowers for valentine’s day is not really an option.

here’s what you can do.

buy from locally grown flowers

one of the most helpful things you can do is to find local farmers. this will definitely help reduce carbon emissions and support the local economy as well. as a bonus, the flowers also last longer. make sure you ask your florist where the flowers are from and if they are locally sourced.

buy seasonal flowers

it is always better to buy in-season flowers. you can find them at a farmer’s market at much cheaper prices than at a florist. look for farms that grow their flowers without using pesticides.

recycle flowers

it is inevitable that flowers cut from the plant will eventually die. so, consider recycling them. you use them in soaps, candles, bath bombs, or use them in compost.

get a houseplant instead

to avoid all of this and end all anxiety in dealing with cut flowers, you can just buy a native plant. plants last longer and are environment friendly as well.

they are great for gifting and decorating your home.

grow our own flowers

well, this is kind of the last option left. if you can grow your own flowers, then you will be able to remove all the environmental costs associated with the flower industry. go to local nurseries and get recommendations on how to source seeds and grow plants.

well, we hope this is gonna help you make more sustainable choices this v day.

take care of yourself. live aastey.