This children’s day live aastey with your inner child

when you were a child, you could get up and be whoever you wanted to be.

you could be an astronaut one day and a beauty queen the next. there were no limits to your imagination and ambitions.

you did not have to go through the rules and regulations constructed by society. nothing or no one could stop you for being loud and happy. no one told you to be comfortable with your body. you just were. 

this children’s day, take a moment to awaken your inner child, to live aastey, to be present in every moment.

life is not all about responsibilities, deadlines and pesky diets. growing up all we needed were rains and music to feel alive.

so just reach into the rhythm of that inner child and do a little dance for your soul because you deserve it.

at times life can be brutal. the only way to get through your sometimes boring hum-drum of a life is by giving yourself a break. to stay still and enjoy the now.

let your inner child come out and play with that break and...

  • treat yourself to some delicacies that you loved chomping on when you were a kid.
  • get yourself that dream outfit you always wanted but never had any reason to buy.
  • watch that movie you have been putting off for ages.
  • dance in front of the mirror without any music.
  • turn on your favourite music and sing along. loudly!

aastey strives to create a community where you can be comfortable with whoever you are. whoever you choose and believe to be.

unwind and enjoy the day!

stay. sit. move. live aastey!